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MESSER with Bipolar and LA Story at the Beauty Bar LV

Upon arriving at the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas, we were expecting another hot summer night at their outdoor stage, but to our pleasant surprise they moved the show indoors in nice cool air conditioning! That brought smiles to everyone’s faces and had many sitting along the wall in comfortable booths, as the Vegas temps reached record highs for the week.

Opening the show, which was a bit of a surprise was LA STORY, a hard rocking outfit out of Los Angeles comprised of Erik Hatchett on lead vocals, Carmine D'Amico on Guitar, Beau Ashley on Guitar, Carlos Pagan on Bass, and Jamie Moreno on Drums. LA Story have been hitting up all the local clubs the past few months and have been working hard at building up a fanbase here. They one of the most underrated bands playing the club circuit today and really deserve a break to play in larger venues, the band is solid with really good songs. They have a stage presence of a band much larger than they actually are, and have given back to the Vegas community by participating in a charity event held a few months back and have grown as fond of our fair city as we have to them. LA Story will be back again in Vegas at Vamp’d on July 13th.

Next was local rockers BIPOLAR, led by female vocalist Charlie along with Tom Exeter on Bass, Brian Hanks on Drums and Jaisen Hinds and Patrick "Crash" Smith on Guitars. This lineup is the best I have seen with Bipolar and if you love hard, loud music then this band is for you.

Headlining the night was MESSER, a hard rocking band out of Dallas that have been together for nearly 10 years and all I can say is, WOW, is this band good. They have a sound that is big, and everything about this band is amazing - from the musicianship to the vocals from Dereak Messer. Dereak is a passionate singer who has a powerful voice, and joining Dereak are Javier Contreras on guitar, Donnie Deville on guitar, Maddox Messer on bass and Kenn Youngar on drums. After the show I got a chance to talk to the drummer Kenn and I told him how much I loved his band, and he said he could see me smiling from his drumkit and was glad we got a chance to see them perform. I for one am hoping that MESSER make their way back to Vegas soon, and that more people get a chance to see this amazing band.

Messer has a debut CD out on ITunes and you can get the link,

Messer merch and tour info on their website at

Messer Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

Bipolar Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

LA Story Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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