Dorothy Finds 'Shelter' at Beauty Bar Las Vegas

DOROTHY made a memorable stop at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas this month, just a few days into the band's Freedom Tour, out on the road in support of the new 28 Days on the Valley album. The monsoon season was upon Vegas with a vengeance, and the show almost didn’t happen due to a thunderstorm that came out of nowhere and sidetracked the show, which was scheduled for the outdoor stage. After trying to wait it out for an hour, the band and venue decided to bring the show indoors to a smaller area and make it an acoustic set, and the fans that crowded the room were not disappointed.

The last minute stage change was a was a stroke of genius amid crashing thunder (and a few roof leaks), and the night turned into a real treat for the Vegas crowd, who got the “only acoustic show of the tour” according to Dorothy Martin, who along with the band took to barstools and played a full set, with songs from the new 28 Days as well as the 2016's Rockisdead. Martin's sultry, soulful vocals shone through on the turned down acoustic set, a fantastic showcase for her voice, and the more retro, classic rock ’n’roll and blues sound of the new album.

The set was so much fun for everyone there crowded around the inside stage of the venue, who cheered and sang along to every song - this crowd wasn’t playing around, they knew the music and knew what they wanted to hear. They screamed out requests, and Martin and the band would look at each other and jokingly ask if they could “pull that one off acoustic?”, before accommodating pretty much every song the crowd yelled for. It was a close, intimate show that gave everyone there the feeling of being a contributing part of it, and with songs like “Freedom” and “Flawless”, and the crowd demanded “Shelter”, the room was filled with voices singing loud and proud. The crowd made sure the band knew how much they loved the music, and Martin really connected with the people there, singing with fans and jumping in the front row for a few selfies and videos without missing a beat. During the set Martin expressed “this is the most challenging, fun and funny show of the tour”, and for a rainout and a foul weather curveball, DOROTHY pulled out a helluva show and the night was a fantastic success.


Dorothy Martin – Lead vocals

Owen Barry – Guitar

Jason Ganberg – Drums

Eli Wulfmeier – Guitar

Eliot Lorango – Bass

DOROTHY will be continuing the Freedom Tour through the summer and fall in the US, with headlining shows through August, and then out supporting Greta Van Fleet through October and finishing with festival dates in October.

July 12 - Fulton 55 - Fresno, CA