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For the third week in a row we hit up Vamp’d Vegas on a stormy Thursday night for some regional and local rock, and this week it was LIES, DECEIT & TREACHERY and LEONA X! Opening the show was Leona X, and I will say Leona keeps getting better and better with each show she plays. Leona X is a hard rocking, blues based female guitar player, backed by Max Simon - Bass and Chris Bishop - Drums - a good rhythm section laying down steady grooves for Leona to play some monster licks on her custom guitar. Leona is currently in the process of raising money through a kickstarter program to record a new cd, which we were treated to some of the new songs last night. You can catch this talented band playing at various venues throughout the Vegas area.

After a lengthy delay the band LIES, DECEIT & TREACHERY took to the stage, and right away it was evident someone was missing from the lineup - the band immediately reported that their bassist Lonnie Vencent could not make it, so with just a few hours before the show the band enlisted Armored Saint guitarist Jeff Duncan to fill in for the show. Jeff quickly noted that this was the first time in his career that he ever played the bass during a show! Lies, Deceit & Treachery consists of three former BulletBoys members, Mick Sweda - Guitar, Lonnie Vencent - Bass and Jimmy D'Anda - Drums, along with Raiding the Rock Vault vocalist Andrew Freeman, who in my opinion is as good as it gets when it comes to singers, and Mick Sweda is a beast on guitar and really stands out. Jimmy D’Anda is a top notch drummer, and on this night Jeff Duncan did a very respectable job on bass. The show of course featured a couple BulletBoys songs such as "Money" and the show closer "Smooth Up In Ya", and was a fun show, and another great Thursday night of FREE music at Vamp’d! Thank you to Korie and Vamp'd for providing a great venue and keeping local music alive in Vegas.

Leona X photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Lies, Deceit and Treachery photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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