Geoff Tate's Operation: Mindcrime along with 'Til Death Do Us Part at Count's Vamp'd

30 years ago, QUEENSRYCHE, a progressive metal band from Bellevue, Washington released their third studio album titled Operation: Mindcrime. This ambitious concept album, which told the story of a junkie-turned-revolutionary-hitman, quickly garnered critical acclaim, and eventually went on to be certified platinum. To this day it is considered by many to be one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Geoff Tate, the original lead singer of Queensryche, is now touring the Western United States in celebration of this milestone, performing the album in its entirety, and on August 4th he made a stop in Las Vegas, filling Count's Vamp'd with die-hard fans, hungry for a bit of nostalgic 80's metal. Many arrived early, hoping to get a good viewpoint, and the floor in front of the stage filled quickly. I've been to many shows at this venue, and this was easily one of the largest crowds I've experienced there.

The evening began with Emily Tate's (daughter to Geoff) band, TILL DEATH DO US PART, and this was my second time seeing them perform (the first time being last year, on this same stage), and I must say that Emily has really taken to her role as the frontwoman and vocalist of their self-described "dark alt rock" group. She seemed a lot more comfortable being the centerpiece and her vocals were a lot stronger as well. She has a soft, sweet, yet melancholy voice and emotes a bit of a dark side with her body language and facial expressions.

The band is made up of shared members with Geoff Tate's band, and Scotsman Kieran Robertson is an enthusiastic shredder on his signature Framus guitar, pumping up the crowd with his energy and heavy riffs. In fact, his energy cost him a pair of pants, and a bit of embarassment, in front of the packed house. He handled it well, and I think Emily was more embarassed than he was, as he apologized to the crowd for showing a bit too much. I noticed that he was sporting some fresh ink on his left bicep (the Operation: Mindcrime logo), so looks like he's fully committed to his relationship with Geoff's band, as well as Emily's. His fellow Scotsman, Jack Ross, handled the low end strings and Josh Watts took care of the drum work. This band was realtively new the last time they performed here and I must say that they have progressed nicely, and were much more polished this time around.

Emily Tate Set List:

Watch Me Burn


Cannonball Run


Blue Boy

Salt Water Taffy

We Killed Romance

Til Death Do Us Part Photos by Randy Udell / R U Rockin' Photos