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New Music Review: CO-OP (featuring Dash Cooper) Self Titled debut

CO-OP’s debut is HEAVY. Heavy in that full throated, pushing-your-guts out way. Heavy in the way guitarist Jeremy Tabors crunchy riffs pour out the speakers. Heavy in the way the drums are getting hit so hard I swear they must owe drummer Nick Spann money. Somewhere along a dusty stretch of desert road, Alice in Chains and COC had a bastard child and raised him on a steady diet of whiskey & rock n roll.

Well thats what it sounds like, but in reality, this band has actual parental rock royalty lineage. Lead singer Dash Cooper is Alice Cooper's son, and thankfully this project and Dash's voice sounds nothing like the Prince of Darkness. Some rock star children try to cash in by riding their parents coattails, but Dash and his band of outlaws forge their own path. Each track on their eponymous debut has enough hooks and melodies to make you realize this isn’t some cash grab by a rock stars offspring.

Stand out tracks on the self-titled album are the opening track "N.O.W." and its powerful chorus, “We’re self inflicted slaves, Digging our own graves”. It's a perfect opener, and sets the tone for the crushing riffs ahead. My personal fav is "HOWL", which features some of the heaviest guitar work Joe Perry (Aerosmith) has done in years. And yes, Alice fans, Dash's Dad makes an appearance - appearing as Beelzebub himself, Alice and Dash trade off vocals on "Old Scratch". Dash's voice soars on the track, while Alice sneers his way into a classic Cooper performance . My other favorite track on the album is the driving rocker "Secret Scars". Tabor's solo after the breakdown really elevates the track, and propels the seconds half of the album. By the time "Overdrive", the final track, ends and your ears are still ringing, you won’t care who the singers father is, you’ll just wanna find out where they’re playing live!

CO-Op is

Dash Cooper Vocals

Jeremy Tabors Guitar

Nick Spann Drums

CO-OP official video for "Howl" featuring Joe Perry

CO-OP (Featuring Dash Cooper) "N.O.W" Official Lyric Video with Intro from Alice Cooper

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