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It has been a while since SPONGE has played Las Vegas, and when we saw the Beauty Bar booked them we were really excited to see them once again! The show actually started before they opened the doors, the band Wicked Garden was already on their 3rd song when we finally got in - by the time we got inside and setup they were actually finishing up their set! Wicked Garden is Local to Vegas heavy grunge act, and you can check out their FB for dates HERE .

We did get to see what I have been told might have been the final show by the band THE DARKEST DAY, which if true would be a loss for the local music scene. The Darkest Day is a good solid band - it had been a few months since we have seen them, but wow, they sounded great for this show. One of my fav local band by far, and I hope they continue to play great music, I would hate for them to stop now.

YEAR OF THE COBRA is an interesting band as it consists of only two members, Amy Tung Barrysmith (vocals/ bass) and Jon Barrysmith (drums). This is a dark heavy doom band who has played at the huge Psycho Las Vegas festival in the past. The duo hails from Seattle, and were sorta an odd fit on this bill as Sponge is not that genre of band, but Year Of The Cobra out on a well received set.

SPONGE was formed way back in 1991 in Detroit, and this night the band played heavily from their very first cd Rotting Pinata, which produced their two biggest hits with the songs "Plowed", and "Molly". Singer Vinnie Dombrowski has a very distinctive voice and still sounds great, but the crowd was not as energetic as hoped, as Dombrowski tried to engage them in conversation and to sing along with them - but then again it was already midnight on a Sunday night and still pushing 100 degrees out. A big thanks to Patrick at the Beauty Bar for bringing so many great acts to their Vegas venue! Check out the Beauty Bar concert calendar HERE .

Sponge Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

Year Of The Cobra Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

The Darkest Day Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFan Photos

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