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Molly Hatchet Bring Southern Rock and Roll to Fremont FREE Summer Concert Series

The FREE Summer Concert Series continued at Fremont Street Experience with a southern flavor as MOLLY HATCHET took to the stage on another stormy monsoon August Saturday night. Once again, just as the band was ready to take to the stage a storm with powerful 70 mph winds rocked Fremont Street, and with it it brought along rain - so the tarps came out, but announced to the crowd there would be a short delay to let the storm pass by but the concert was still on.

After a brief 20 minute delay it was time for southern legends Molly Hatchet to give the big crowd what they came for, some good 'ole southern rock 'n roll! The band kicked off the show with "Whisky Man", followed by "Bounty Hunter", then it was straight into "Gator Country". Things got serious as lead singer Phil McCormack brought out and American flag, signed by active military personal, and talked about freedom and about all the troops who made the ultimate sacrifice for us to be able to enjoy our freedom. The band did a really cool cover of the Valentinos' song "It’s All Over Now", and one of the highlights of the set was another cover, the Allman Brothers "Dreams I’ll Never See", (made a hit by Molly Hatchet some decade or so after the original), and the band closed out it’s set with the classic "Flirtin With Disaster", which seemed appropriate on this stormy night, as we flirted with the threat of wind, rain and lighting all during the show.

A big thanks to Leslie and Mary Ann at Fremont Street Experience for taking great care of us at Scary Monsters Music all summer long! Next on the FREE Summer Concert Series is the band HALESTORM on August 25th!! Don't miss it, and more info on the Summer Concert Series can be found HERE .


Whiskey Man

Bounty Hunter

Gator Country

Fall of the Peacemakers

It's All Over Now (The Valentinos cover)

Devil's Canyon

Beatin' the Odds

Dreams I'll Never See (The Allman Brothers Band cover)

Boogie No More

Flirtin' With Disaster

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