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Once again ZUSA ( Zeppelin USA) sold out the spectacular Smith Center in Las Vegas, and wowed the huge crowd with a nearly 3 hour show of classic Led Zeppelin songs from throughout the legendary band's stellar career. ZUZA is led by Brody Dolyniuk who has a long history of putting on memorable performances in the Las Vegas area and has built up a loyal following that no other band from this city has even come close to achieving. ZUZA also includes long time Yellow Brick Road member Jonathan Gilcrest who plays bass, keyboards, mandolin, vocals, and on drums is the second coming of John Bonham as Pat Leon destroys the drum kit nightly. The newest member of this band is the super talented John Wedemeyer who did an amazing job on his first show with ZUZA in Vegas. John is also the guitarist for the Righteous Brothers and the band The Femmes Of Rock.

The show had two sets along with a twenty minute intermission, and is not just music, but has evolved into a multimedia experience with lasers, smoke machines flashing lights and video screens. There were real life characters from the various Led Zeppelin albums, like the old man with a load of wood on his back from Led Zeppelin IV , and the giant wizard looking character carrying a lantern from the very first Led Zeppelin album. There was also some special local guests as Joe Calitri, who was celebrating his 30th birthday, provided some killer harmonica sounds, and we were treated to the amazing Femmes of Rock who were brought out on a rolling platform and provided the string sound to a couple of Zeppelin classics.

As the clock quickly approached 10:30pm the band wound down their show, and the crowd gave them a standing ovation, along with cheers for another memorable night of rock in the world class Smith Center.

The Smith Center his venue hosts many top notch musicians and shows throughout the year but none bring the true rock 'n roll sound as well as Brody Dolyniuk and his band ZUSA.

ZUZA Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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