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PSYCLON NINE with The God Bombs, Lennon Midnight at Beauty Bar LV

Since the first time we saw PSYCLON NINE in Las Vegas, we have waited for their return. This time they are touring in support of their new cd Icon of the Adversary: Act 2 as headliner, with special guests The God Bombs, Striplicker and local act Lennon Midnight.

LENNON MIDNIGHT kicked the show off , and this might be the best known local industrial act currently playing Vegas at the moment, a two member act that consists of Lennon Midnight (Vocals, Programming, Synths) and Klebert Graves (Guitars,Bass, Programming). We have seen the growth of Klebert on guitar in recent years and his playing has become really amazing. During portion of the show both Lennon and Klebert got off the stage and played in the front with the crowd, making it an interactive event.

New York's THE GOD BOMBS were next on the line up, a band who have been touring with Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe throughout the spring. The God Bombs' sound is a mix of different genres - at times it’s industrial, at times alternative metal, with some hip hop thrown in. Lead singer Justin Symbol is a dynamic frontman who does a great job keeping the crowd entertained.

PSYCLON NINE took the stage as the headliner of the night, an immediately there was a huge difference in sound as the intro played and dynamic frontman Nero Bellum took to the stage, with black body paint over his front torso and the upper half of his face, the lower half painted white. The band kicked into the opening number “Parasitic”, still one of the best songs they have ever released, as Bellum's screeching guttural vocals echoed throughout the Beauty Bar venue and the crowd surged towards the stage.

Psyclon Nine's sound is larger than life, and Nero is relentless onstage with his non stop pacing and body contortions - once a song starts he goes into another realm, and gives 1000% to each and every song. This is the best industrial band outside of NIN I have ever seen, and in addition to Nero Bellum on vocals, features Rotny Ford on guitar/synth and Sevin on synth. The band played it’s current single "Crown of the Worm" and other cuts from their current release Icon of the Adversary, and near the end of the bands' set The God Bombs snuck up onstage, wearing sombreros and playing acoustic guitars, for a last date of the tour 'punk' - eliciting laughs from the guys in Psyclon Nine and the fans.

Check out Psyclon Nine's newest release 'Icon of the Adversary' HERE .

Psyclon Nine "Parasitic" Official Video ...

Psyclon Nine Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

The God Bombs Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Lennon Midnight Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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