September Mourning with Kaleido and Charcoal Tongue at Count's Vamp'd in Vegas

On Thursday, September 13th, September Mourning came to Count's Vamp'd in Las Vegas for a free concert, along with supporting acts Kaleido and Charcoal Tongue. This was a very solid lineup, with the headliner being fairly established as one of the more interesting and exciting live acts in rock music today. Their supporting act, Kaleido, is also getting a lot of recognition, having appeared in support of national touring acts such as Seether, as well as on festival stages, including the final Van's Warped Tour.

The first band to take the stage was Charcoal Tongue, an american rock band from San Antonio, TX, that features Chris Mora on Vocals, Christian Mata on Bass, Matt Guajardo on Guitar, and Jordan Flores -on Drums. They formed in 2015, shortly after front man Chris Mora attempted suicide,which obviously heavily influenced their 2017 debut EP 24 Hours: My Deterioration, as it has a very dark theme, and addresses the subjects of depression and despair. Their latest release, another EP titled 48 Hours: Monster in the Mirror became available at midnight on the night of this Vegas performance. Their music is hard-hitting and heavy with periods of slow, softly spoken or melodic vocals which often culminate in harsh screaming, expressing the anger and frustration felt by Mora during his troubled times. If you like KoRn's earlier hard-hitting style of music, you may very well like this band. I know I've really enjoyed getting familiar with their music, and seeing them perform it live was a pleasure. I had the chance to talk to Mora between sets and he seems genuinely likeable. I certainly hope that his music continues to be a catharsis for his depression and wish him the best of luck with his music career. It definitely looks like he's onto something. Check out Charcoal Tongue on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify through the link HERE !

Charcoal Tongue Setlist:

My Deeds on Display

Monster in the Mirror

Inside Out


Don't Follow Me

Fix Me

Charcoal Tongue photos from Randy Udell / R U Rocking' Photos

Kaleido was next up and I was anxious to finally get to see them perform live, as this would be a first for me. Kaleido is a rock band from Detroit, and formed in 2011, with Christina Chriss on Vocals, Joey Fava on Drums, Cody Morales on Bass, and Ronnie Rosolino on Guitar. They were on Shiprocked Cruise back in January, and I heard great things about them from friends who caught their perfomances, so they have been on my radar for a while now. I've had the chance to check out several of their music videos and they strike me as a hard rock band with a large dose of pop. Much of what I have heard from Kaleido seems to start with Christina singing in a delicate, melodic tone (sounding a lot like Gwen Stefani), but then she cranks it up a notch and comes through with a bit of a growl, switching back and forth seamlessly between these styles. On this night Kaleido decided to perform a lot of new music, so I was only familiar with a couple of their songs, but their new music seems to have adhered to this formula. Christina is a very charismatic front-woman with a beautifully voice, but also exudes an air of toughness - she can sing sweetly but don't mess with her because she won't put up with it! I think the title of their second song from this set summmed her up perfectly, "No More Little Miss Nice Bitch"! Kaleido did not disappoint and lived up to every expectation, they definitely have headliner talent and sound, and I am glad I was finally able to see them perform live. Follow the band and tour HERE .