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There is nothing like Scandinavia and Nordic metal bands, their sound is like no other. Dark Tranquility, Amorphis, and Omnium Gatherum brought that sound to Vegas, and add Moonspell from Portugal to the tour and you have and evening that was unforgettable!

Kicking off the show was OMNIUM GATHERUM from Karhula, Finland, a melodic death metal band that has been around since 1996. Frontman Jukka constantly engaged the crowd, as the band opened up with the song "Frontiers". Being the opener on a stacked bill, Omnium Gatherum had a shorter although powerful set, including "The Unknowing" and "Over the Battlefield", before closing out the night with the song "Ego". The Vegas crowd gave them a rousing applause, and were ready for the mighty Moonspell coming up next.

Omnium Gatherum Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

MOONSPELL is from Lisbon, Portugal and is a extreme gothic metal band, and opened their set with lead singer Fernando Ribeiro waving a lantern in the darkness as he began "Em Nome Do Medo". This was followed up with "1755", an epic period piece that had the charismatic Ribeiro coming out onstage wearing a haunting birdlike mask with a long black beak. As Ribeiro explained, this was a period piece about the Lisbon earthquake, and was sung entirely in Portuguese. Moonspell is a dark, heavy band with a sound larger than life, and with their haunting choruses and moody background vocals they set the tone for a dark and eerie time. They were a real treat to see, very performance based, and Ribeiro made a instant connection with the crowd and keep the energy level high thorough to their finale of "Full Moon Madness".

Moonspell Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

DARK TRANQUILLITY is another journeyman band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, who have been around since 1989, and are a melodic death metal band. Dark Tranquility have been on the road for two years in support of their cd ATOMA. Lead singer Mikael Stanne is a great singer, who looks so at ease onstage and always seems like he is having a great time, and led the band into their first song "Encircled" and mesmerized the crowd until their final "Misery's Crown". This being a co-headlining show, they played a full set that was close to 90 minutes and still the crowd didn't want to see them go.



Monochromatic Stains

Clearing Skies

The Treason Wall

lThe Science of Noise

Forward Moment

The Mundane and the Magic


Force of Hand

Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

Inside the Particle Storm

The Wonders at Your Feet


Lost to Apathy

Misery's Crown

Dark Tranquility Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

AMORPHIS from Helsinki closed out the final set of the night, a band who have been around since 1990, and boy, oh boy, what a great band this is! Unlike the other bands, they are a bit darker, with heavier riffs and an completely amazing singer, Tomi Joutsen, who gets down right guttural at times. Amorphis mesmerized me, and I was blown away at their sound and stage show. They used mainly their own lighting, which changed with each song and set the mood as the show progressed. The band was touring in support of their cd titled Queen Of Time, and they opened the show with their current single "The Bee" to roars from the crowd. My favorite song of the night was "Death Of A King", and closing out the show the band played "Black Winter Day". And after five hours of unbelievable metal the night came to an roaring end.


The Bee

Message in the Amber

Bad Blood

Daughter of Hate

Hopeless Day

The Castaway

Silver Bride

Wrong Direction

Heart of the Giant

House of Sleep


Death of a King

Black Winter Day

Amorphis Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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