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KINGDOM COME with Crash Midnight and Garden of Eden at Count's Vamp'd

German hard rock band KINGDOM COME have 'reunited' and are out on the road celebrating their 30th anniversary, with four of the original five members are taking part in this reunion tour - Guitarists Danny Stag and Rick Steier, bassist Johnny "JB" Frank and drummer James Kottak round out the original members, with the addition of Keith St. John. Original Kingdom vocalist Lenny Wolf did not participate in the reunion, but Keith St. John made for an amazing choice, and comes with long stints with legendary Montrose and Burning Rain on his repertoire.

Kingdom Come had huge success with their 1988 self titled debut Kingdom Come and the band was referred to as being a bit of a Led Zeppelin clone, but the band had an original edge to their sound and made an impact on the 80's rock and hair metal scene, although short lived as Kingdom Come broke up in 1989. Lenny Wolfe reformed the band several times and released many more albums over the years before calling it quits in 2016, and ironically in 2018 the other four original members decided to reunite the band and tour with St. John for a 30th anniversary tour (of the debut album) for 2019.

Kingdom Come kicked off the show with the song "Shout It Out", followed by the very Zeppelin-esque "Perfect O". They rocked things up into high gear with the song "Do You Like It", which really highlighted the guitar playing of Danny Stag and Rick Steier. During the show drummer James Kottak and entertained the crowd with his various antics, that involved the constant changing of his shirt and vest, and at the end he took off his shirt and stood on his drum kit and hung from the lighting, showing off his huge tattoos across both his back and front. The band's setlist relied heavily off the debut album, and they closed out their set with their biggest hit "Get It On".

This was a really fun show if you are a fan of 80’s rock, and was held in a great local venue at Count's Vamp'd, who is known for booking a lot of 80's rock. Also on the bill and opening the show for Kingdom Come was a band who is friends of Keith St. John, Garden Of Eden, and also the hard rocking band Crash Midnight who we caught earlier this year at Brooklyn Bowl. Crash Midnight have played together since they were teenagers, and are a solid band on the rise.


Shout It Out

Perfect 'O'


Living Out of Touch

Do You Like It


Highway 6

Just Like a Wild Rose

Pushin' Hard

Get It On


What Love Can Be

The Shuffle

Kingdom Come Photos from Harold Mountain

Crash Midnight Photos from Harold Mountain

Garden of Eden Photos from Harold Mountain

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