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ROCKTOBERFEST 2018 THE CLUB at the CANNERY with Three Lock Box and More...

Roctoberfest 2018 was held on a fall Saturday evening at The Club at the Cannery Casino, and the huge roll up doors at the back of the venue were open and music, drinks, food and games were in full swing for the night. The multi-band tribute show started at 6pm with PERMANENT WAVES, a Rush tribute band, and I can say I was totally blown away at how great this band sounds. If you closed your eyes you could actually imagine you were listening to Rush. Permanent Waves are based right here in Las Vegas and are amazing, the vocals, guitar and drums were spot on, and they were a great band to kick things off for the event.

Permanent Waves Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

FAN HALEN is the premiere tribute band to Van Halen, and hail from Southern California and play Vegas regularly. Fan Halen not only sounds but recreates the look of the 1984 era of Van Halen. Lead singer Ernie Berru has David Lee Roth's swagger and energy when he is onstage, and can even make the classic David Lee Roth spread eagle jump off the drums! Derek Fuller is on guitar, who has Eddie Van Halen down to a T, with his similar look and playing which is second to none. My fav era was early Van Halen, and this is the band that brings us back in time to when VH ruled rock n roll, and Fan Halen are by far one of my favorite tribute bands and I rarely ever miss them in Vegas.

Fan Halen Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

LOSE YOUR ILLUSION is another SoCal Guns N Roses tribute band who we first caught at the Brooklyn Bowl earlier this year. This band brings the energy and sound that you would get at an actual GnR concert, and the vocals are just as good or even better than the real Axl. The guitar playing by Mano Moreno as 'Slash' is amazing, and their bass player toured with Adler's Appetite. this band is as authentic as a GnR tribute can be, and is one of the top tier tribute bands I highly recommend.

Lose Your Illusion Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Headlining the tribute show was THREE LOCK BOX - THE ULTIMATE SAMMY HAGAR TRIBUTE. I LOVE this band as I am a huge Sammy Hagar fan, and this band covers Montrose, Hagar's solo era, and a couple of tunes from his time with Van Halen. Three Lock Box has Jay Cee on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Merry Adin on Bass, Danny Robert on Drums, Steve Heath on Guitar, and Barry Allen Comeaux on Keyboards. Three Lock Box has only been around for a little over 2 years, and they have already solidified their position as one of the best tribute bands playing, and you can tell they love what they are doing because they are always smiling non stop when they are onstage. Leader of the pack Sin City Sammy ( Jay Cee) is such a natural onstage, and has an air of comfortability you rarely see in a performer. Merry Aiden always seems to be having the time of her life when she performs, and the drummer Danny Robert plays with such authenticity through each Hagar era like a seasoned pro. I first caught Jay Cee and Danny Robert years ago in a tiny room in a Henderson Casino, where the stage was so small they barely fit on it, and now I am so thrilled to see these talented musicians playing on big stages around the west coast, and headlining the Cannery Rocktoberfest. It is well deserved, and a tribute to themselves on the talent this band has.

I for one can say I love tribute bands - I know not everyone feels that way, but you are missing out on some amazing music from some incredible musicians if you pass these bands up. Thank you to The Club at the Cannery for such a great event at a great venue!

Three Lock Box Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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