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This was a show we have been looking forward to since it was announced. EVAN & ZANE made a stop at the Beauty Bar in downtown Las Vegas for a different type of show this week. Evan and Zane is Evan Rachel Wood, an actress and musician who currently is on the HBO hit show Westworld, and Zane Carney is a singer-songwriter and Grammy Nominated Guitarist. Zane Carney is known for his work with John Mayer, Avril LaVigne, and has worked with U2, David Foster, Justin Timberlake, and Don Was and has shared the stage with Keith Urban, Steven Tyler, Jackson Browne, Nicole Scherzinger, Stevie Wonder and many more. A great duo to see, with a long repertoire of talent between them in an intimate setting.

Evan and Zane performed on the outdoor stage of the Beauty Bar, and when Wood arrived she walked through the back gate and went directly to the stage, where they opened with a cover of the Zombies song "Time Of The Season". After the song Evan explained that this band got together just to play small shows for friends and family, but they enjoyed it so much they decided to take it on the road. She also explained that they would be playing an all psychedelic set, and the duo went straight into the Beatles song "Tomorrow Never Knows".

Carney's guitar playing is quite impressive, and the band was simplistic with Carney on electric guitar and Wood on vocals. You could really hear the small details of each song as Carney played and showcased his own style. Being a very informal and intimate show, mistakes were made and both Evan And Zane would laugh and encourage each other to keep going. This really made it feel as if they were performing in your living room, as if you really were the friends and family they came to play for. The two also covered Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love", Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit", Hendrix’s "Purple Haze", and one of my favs of the night The Verve’s "Bittersweet Sympathy" - Wood did an amazing job on that song and the vocals gave me chills. They even covered Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", a song that really let Carney display his guitar playing skills, and he performed his best solo of the night.

The show was about 90 minutes long, and both Evan And Zane thanked the crowd for coming out and seeing them play, and Zane stayed and met fans at their merch table. This was a great show from two stars, who were having fun performing songs THEY wanted to play in a very informal setting for those fans, and they had a great time, as did we. These are two very talented people who we normally would never get a chance to see, so it was a real treat to see them both together in such a great intimate club.

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