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30 SECONDS TO MARS Headlines HOLIDAY HAVOC 2018, at The Park

It was that time a year once again, time for the annual X105.7 Radio Holiday Havoc Concert Series, and night one took place at the beautiful Park MGM, with headliner 30 SECONDS TO MARS, led by brothers Shannon and Jared Leto (many of you know that Jared is an Academy Award winning actor for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club, and he also played the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad),with support from the bands Bishop Briggs, Robert Delong, Grandson, and providing entertainment between acts was big beat local heros The Crystal Method.

30 Seconds to Mars took to the stage around 10:15 pm to roars from the crowd, this was an all ages show, and the younger people were buzzing with excitement knowing they were about to see Jared Leto and the band hit the stage any second. The lights dimmed and background music started, and with the lights low Shannon Leto came out and made his way to the drum kit, and few minutes later Jared came running out from the left side of the stage wearing dark sunglasses, a blue silk type robe, white pants with red leggings and red gloves. Leto is a very dynamic frontman who knows how to work the crowd, and he moved non stop throughout the show, spinning and running back and forth across the huge stage, and even going out front on a pop out that allowed him to be engulfed in the crowd. During the second song enormous balloons dropped from the ceiling, and the crowd bounced them around while Jared kicked and pushed them back at them when the crowd pushed them onto the stage. One of the highlights of the evening was when the band invited fans onstage during two different numbers, the first was during the song "Rescue Me", and then at the final song of the night "Closer To The Night", where these fans grabbed setlists and picks fallen on the floor. This was a great interactive show from X105.7 Radio, in one of the premier venues in the country at the MGM Park Theater, a great way to start off the holiday season.



Up in the Air

Kings and Queens

This Is War

Dangerous Night

From Yesterday

Love Is Madness

Hail to the Victor

Rescue Me

Live Like a Dream

The Kill (Bury Me)

Walk on Water

Closer to the Edge

30 Seconds to Mars Photos from Harold Mountain /JustAFan Photos

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