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Santa dropped us off a great present in December as he gave us a show to remember - the last show of the tour for LIKE A STORM & FAREWELL TO FEAR along with local favs support with TAKING DAWN and NEBULA X. Nebula X started out the night, a hard hitting metal band that sings 99% of their songs in Spanish, but their music is so badass you don’t even notice. Nebula X has always been one of my favorite bands since I first saw them way back at the LVCS, with Javier Rojas on Guitar, Lloyd Varnon on Bass Guitar, John Kidd on Drums and Paul Glowczewski helping out on guitar.

A local band that has the most energy of any I have seen, Taking Dawn once again stormed the stage at Triple B’s. Taking Dawn is local grown high energy Rock N Roll, these 5 young men always deliver a hell of a show and at times the show continues into the crowd. During the set lead singer Chris Babbitt took a running jump into the crowd and continued the show surrounded by throngs of fans. One of the highlights of their show was when Chris has one of their guitar players get on his shoulders as he walks around and plays what is essentially a monster guitar tower. Taking Dawn is a MUST SEE band!

Next up was Farewell To Fear, who really surprised me at how good they are live in concert. They describe themselves as “big rock riffs, big choruses and big anthems for a new generation of mainstream rockers”, and thats exactly what we got. Farewell To Fear is touring in support of their latest CD Voices, and single "Underneath My Skin". This band is tight, solid and has a great sound and is going to be around for a very long time and destined for bigger stages. Farewell To Fear are regulars on Sirius XM’s Octane with 3 singles being played which is unheard of for a band like this

Headlining the night it was Like A Storm, and we have been following these guys since way back when they started out and made a stop at the LVCS. This time we were treated to a full stage set up in a small club setting. In front of the stage was two skeletons sitting on a box each holding two didgeridoo’s, which are Australian woodwind instruments that were originally made from hollowed tree limbs, and the back of the stage had four TV screens on each side of the drummer, and spaced out around the stage were six smoke cannons. For a small club this was a pretty amazing sight, along with the visuals the band uses and the blasting smoke throughout the show. Like a Storm is solid, they are dedicated and get stronger with each and every show we have seen. Their sound and songwriting keeps progressing, with brothers Chris Brooks [lead vocals, didgeridoo, guitar, keys/programming], Matt Brooks [lead guitar, vocals, keys/programming], along with Kent Brooks [bass, keys/programming] and Zach Wood [drums]. A highlight of the night was when the band called up onstage local musician Corky Gainsford from the band Code Red Riot who performed the Coolio song "Gangstas Paradise" with Like A Storm and the locals loved it! The last timeLike A Storm played Vegas was with Godsmack and Shinedown at the big outdoor show at the DTLVEC, and this was a 180 being able to see them in a small stage, and an amazing night of great music to close out the year at the Backstage Bar & Billiards. We thank Triple B’s for a great year of shows and for always being such great hosts, and look forward to what you have in store for 2019!

Like A Storm Setlist:

Pure Evil



Wish You Hell

Become the Enemy


Until the Day I Die

Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio cover)

The Bitterness

Complicated (Stitches & Scars)

The Devil Inside

Chemical Infatuation

Love the Way You Hate Me

Nebula X Photos from Randy Udell / R U Rockin' Photos

Taking Dawn Photos from Randy Udell / R U Rockin' Photos

Farewell to Fear Photos from Randy Udell / R U Rockin' Photos

Like a Storm Like A Storm Photos from Randy Udell / R U Rockin' Photos

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