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BAYSIDE Acoustic 2 Tour hits Las Vegas with Guest Kayleigh Goldsworthy at the Fremont Country Club

American punk band BAYSIDE made a fun and fabulous stop in Las Vegas at the Fremont Country Club on their most recent leg of the Acoustic Tour! The band has been out on the road since the September 2018 release of Acoustic Volume 2.

Folk pop singer/songwriter Kayleigh Goldsworthy (The Scarlet Ending) gave a heartfelt opening with a short set of songs compiled from her solo LP Burrower as well as her newest 2018 release All These Miles (available on Amazon HERE) . Goldsworthy was joined on her last song “Stuck” by Bayside’s Nick Ghanbarian, revving up the crowd for the main event.

With a fast turnover after Goldsworthy, Bayside quickly took the stage and began what would be a night to remember - a long set of sing-a-longs and stories, cheers and tears and even a marriage proposal before the show was done. The acoustic tour dates were touted as ‘intimate stage performances', and that is exactly what we got. The band was stripped down, up close and personal on a small stage, as fans packed the Fremont Country Club (the show was moved to the FCC’s larger room the day before the show due to demand), singing so fiercely that at times vocalist Anthony Raneri just let them go at it, and leaned back and smiled as the crowd carried the chorus and a few of the verses too. This was a full audience participation event, with everyone all the way to the back of the room singing out loud to every song, swaying and drinking, beers in the air, arms around each other, and Raneri led the way. Along with the incredible Jack O'Shea on guitar, Nick Ghanbarian on bass, and Chris Guglielmo on drums, with Goldsworthy taking on keys and background vocals - the show was an amazing time, culminating with the aforementioned marriage proposal, some on stage dancing, and more full bar choruses on “Landing Feet First“ for the finale.

The Acoustic 2 LP is a collection of Bayside songs from the band's newer albums, reimagined and released via Hopeless Records as a new partner to their original Acoustic EP from 2006. This new acoustic album includes one new song, "It Don't Exist", and the band included it in the Vegas set, along with all but one track from Acoustic 2, and choice songs from almost every LP in their catalogue. The Acoustic 2 album is available on Amazon HERE and also on the Bayside website at

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