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SCATTERED with KNEE HIGH FOX at Vamp'd Vegas

What a great FREE show at Vamp’d Vegas in January, with two really great bands- from LA it was the return of KNEE HIGH FOX, and headlining was the debut of Vegas Local band SCATTERED...

We have been covering Knee High Fox since we first saw them at the shuttered LVCS in downtown Las Vegas a few years ago, and the band plays regularly here a few times a year. Headed by Krsy Fox, Knee High Fox is an entertaining band filled with high energy, and the past two times they have played at Vamp’d Vegas they have been under black lights and painted up with fluorescent paint that gives them an eerie glow. Knee High Fox is an alternative band with catchy songs like "Black Widow", "Lolita", and "Witch", and gave a another great show for the crowd at Vamp'd.

Headlining was the debut show of the band SCATTERED, made up of some of Las Vegas’s best musicians - world traveler Jeff Tortora (who plays with Blue Man Group and just returned home from a stint in Russia) and joined by Code Red Riot frontman and Blue Man drummer extraordinaire Corky Gainsford, who also doubled down on vocals. Tony Carboney held down guitar duty (and who also plays in the group Otherwise) and on bass it was Jacob

Chidester (who used to play in the hit Las Vegas show Jersey Boys). The setlist was extensive, with everything from the Sex Pistols to the The Ramones, even a little Queen and a nod to grunge with Alice in Chains cover. A surprise hit was a duet with Krsy Fox and Tortora doing "Heartbreak Hotel" - there is nothing this band can and won’t play.

The stage at Vamp’d just can't contain Tortora, as on a few occasions he leaped off the stage and jumped on tables and chairs in the crowd. Tortora and Gainsford took turns on the drums and vocal duties during the set, and both are beasts, whether fronting the stage or behind the drums. Tony Carboney on guitar and Bassist Chidester just blew me away, and the band promised they would be back just another show here at Vamp'd.

A big thanks to Korie Koker and Vamp'd for hosting suck great local talent, one of the premier Vegas clubs to see local and national talent.

Knee High Fox Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

SCATTERED Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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