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The final night of the West Coast High tour rolled into the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay to a packed venue looking forward to some good old school hip hop. This show was stacked from start to finish - opening the show was Demrick, who is a protege of B-Real of Cypress Hill, and Xzibit. During the set he brought out a surprise guest from right here in Las Vegas, Dizzy Wright, who joined Demrick onstage and set off a great night. Former Pimp My Ride and Empire actor Xzibit brought the old school sound - Xzibit started his career way back in the mid 90’s and has had a successful career in both music and film. Xzibit's set was very high energy and fun and it was good to see him onstage once again.

Hollywood Undead is a rap / rock band based in Los Angeles who are know by the unique masks each member wears onstage, but on this night there was no masks. For this tour they decided to unmask and let the music do the talking, touring in support of their latest EP Psalms which tackles subjects such as death and suicide. Unlike the other acts on the bill, these guys are actually a band and not a Dj spinning the turntables. HU sounded sharp and clean and put on a great show.

True hip hop legends as Cypress Hill took to the stage to a thunderous ovation, and these guys exemplify cool, with B-Real entering the stage with a white keffiyeh wrapped around his head and dark sunglasses on. His voice has not changed a bit and sounded amazing, there is just something about old school hip hop artists that the younger generation just does not have. Joining B-Real onstage was his partner Sen Dog, who provides the backing that makes this groups sound so unique, joining them on the turntables was DJ Lord (who is a member of Public Enemy and The Profits of Rage along with B-Real) and percussionist Eric Bobo. As usual with this group towards the end of their set B-Real emerged with the biggest blunt you've ever seen, with a cloud of smoke engulfing his entire head.

Cypress Hill are touring in support of their latest Cd Elephants on Acid, and we were treated to all the hits which included "Dr Greenthumb", "How I could Just Kill a Man", " Ain’t Goin Out Like That", "Insane In The Brain" and closing out the show the guys did "Rock Superstar". This was one solid showing at at great Las Vegas venue, we had a great time, and hoping Cypress will make this regular stop and we see them again at HOB.

Cypress Hill photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Dimrick photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

XZIBIT photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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