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MASTIV ALBUM RELEASE SHOW With Special Guests Take, Cirka Sik, Psyde Affect, Volterrum Backstage Bar

This album release party for MASTIV show has been a long time coming, and well deserved for one of the best bands playing Vegas currently today. Mastiv has been on hiatus as they finished working on their album, and on this night their fans showed up in force at the Backstage, Bar & Billiards in downtown Las Vegas. They invited a bunch of their friends to join them in this celebration - not only were there bands, but individual friends from other bands not on the bill who showed up and took to the stage with Mastiv.

Opening up the show was the band PSYDE AFFECT out of Bakersfield Ca, and this band was amazing and have a hard driving metal sound that really set the tone for what was still to come, and was one of my fav bands of the night. Locals Cirka:Sik have always been one of my favorite bands, and always have a sense of danger and unpredictability about what they would do onstage while performing, but they debuted a new singer, and he committed a mortal sin as far as us fans go by playing 90% of the show with his back to the crowd. He sounded great but really needs to bring that Cirka:Sik danger back to the stage shows and work the stage! Lead singer for Mastiv, Steve Thirot joined the band Cirka:Sik onstage for a song or 2 during their set too, giving the fans a little precursor for the show to come.

Next up was TAKE, now these guys really got the crowd going and one of the best mosh pits of the night opened up right in front of the stage. Security was very cool and kept a close eye on things but also allowed everyone to have fun. Take is a hardcore rock band from right here in Vegas, and these guys tore up the stage and delivered a blistering set that had the entire venue on their feet.

VOLTERRUM was a band that was a bit different and even incorporated an electric violin into their show. This bands sound is very unique and a breath of fresh air as far as creativity goes…

Now it was time for the band everyone came to celebrate! MASTIV has one of the most punishing sounds to ever play Vegas, and some of the best musicians along with one hell of a frontman. Mastiv is the type of band you want to see if you looking for hardcore rock n roll in this town. We were saddened to see that their long time guitarist Madzilla has departed the band, but it was the very talented Dane Haws who more than picked up the slack - Dane is an absolute beast on guitar and made sure everyone knew that Mastiv is going strong despite being down a guitar player. On bass it’s the talented Nikki Rangel who seems to always be smiling no matter where we see them play, and on drums and the engine that drives the Mastiv train it’s James Hoover, and of course on vocals it’s the big man himself, the imposing Steve Thiriot, who absolutely kills it singing all those Mastiv songs including the audience participation fav “Show me your hands and I’ll show you my Fist”. This was a night to not only celebrate Mastiv and their album release, but to celebrate great music and good friends coming together for a common cause. I was a great night to have fun and keep local music alive - with the loss of locals music venues continuing, it's great to see an amazing venue like the Backstage, Bar & Billiards providing a place downtown where music fans can still gather and see some amazing local bands. Congrats to MASTIV on their album release and for throwing what might be the best party so far this year in downtown Las Vegas!

Mastic Album Release party photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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