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DiM. - AntiTrust - Pariah Was One - Nebula X at The Dive Bar LV

This was a night for locals by locals, by some of the heaviest / best bands that play the Vegas area on a regular basis. Each and everyone of these are my favorite bands to see live, and when this show was announced that these four were playing in one show at the DIVE BAR I knew I would be there front and center to cover this event!

This was like a reunion for many friends to join together once again and celebrate a great night of music and friendship, and kicking things off was the band NEBULA X, one of my all time favs from the very first time I saw them. Nebula X was playing with a revamped lineup, but no matter who plays in this band their sound always stays the same - hard pounding, with a Prong / Static X sound and never puts on a bad show.

Following Nebula X was what I consider the best new hardcore band playing Vegas - PARIAH WAS ONE continues to get better and better! Led by Calvin Sroka (who was pulling double duty as his other band DiM. and was headlining this show later that night), who is a great frontman and along with the creative genius on guitar Nour Ayasso are taking local music to a whole new level. Watch for PARIAH WAS ONE's debut EP sometime in July.

AntiTrust has one of the best local followings at their shows, fans always show up in support of this amazing band led by the dynamic Path Juson on vocals and Wiljo Cruzada on guitar, along with Jason Zafra on bass. AntiTrust is a solid band that really engages their audience, and lead singer Path jumps off the stage to get the crowd going in a mosh pit.

Closing out the show I was thrilled to once again see the powerhouse that is DiM. ! These guys are an original hardcore / metal band that uses two singers - Calvin Sroka and Wes Logan - who work together as good as any duo you will see. Wes (who also is a wrestler who goes by Beast the Butcher) is built solid as a rock and looks intimidating when onstage in his mask and outfit, but always has the biggest smile and says hi to fans at each and every show. This band is what metal is all about, and one of the few locally who does it right. This was a fantastic night in a Dive Bar, where you got to see bands who are raw and full of talent - we look forward to covering each and everyone of you at future shows.

DiM. Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Nebula X Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

AntiTrust Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Pariah Was One Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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