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Where the hell has these guys been? It’s been nearly a year since TINNITUS has graced the stage at Vamp’d Vegas - that’s because their fearless leader Jeff Tortora has been busy traveling the world as part of the Blue Man Group, most recently spending a few months to our neighbor to the north, Canada.

I dare you to find a band playing anywhere in Vegas with a group of more experienced musicians than what comprises Tinnitus - at this show you had Jeff Tortora, who is a one of a kind singer with the energy that is unmatched by any other person performing around Vegas to this day - you have Blue Man Group drummer extraordinaire Todd Waetzig who is amazing, his drumming astounds you each and every time I have seen him play - you have Charles Henry on guitar, also from BMG who seems to play anything this band throws at him, (I also hear he is a pretty good photographer too), - you have the man who I consider one of the best guitar players I have ever seen play locally, Andrew Gomez, and on bass you had his brother Robert Gomez, who cements the backbone of this band.

At a Tinnitus show you can expect to see the unexpected! They play everything from Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Punk tunes, NIN and so much more, and at Vamp'd they brought out a special guest, the amazing Megan Ruger from the band Bad Little Sister, who just kills it every time we have seen her. Missing on keyboards and keg beating with a baseball bat was Brenda Fitz, who was in AZ performing and we missed her! Brenda’s performance is always one of the highlights of any Tinnitus show! It’s been nearly a year since Tinnitus has performed at Vamp’d and we hope it’s not another year until we see this talented band again!!

Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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