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STARCRAWLER Return to Las Vegas at the Park Theater

Starcrawler returned to Las Vegas on their biggest stage to date, opening for headliners Beck and Cage the Elephant on the Night Running Tour at the Park Theater. Starcrawler’s shock punk rock show was a startling start to the night for some of the audience, not quite prepared for vocalist Arrow De Wilde’s lanky, contorted, night of the living dead-esque antics. With her bloodstained gauntness and sex choked writhing around, the show left some standing fixated in awe while others got downright appalled.

De Wilde’s seemingly unhinged antics may get your attention, but the band is fast growing a following for their garage band punk rock sound and unconventional lyrics for a group so young and new. De Wilde is part Patti Smith, part Courtney Love, a dash of Marilyn Manson, and a good spoonful of Iggy in the mix for on stage charisma that oozes out enough to scare you. Back that up with a fucking great guitar player in Henri Cash - jumping and throwing his hair back, dressed like a matador and tearing into his guitar like a crazed bandit.

In contrast to the frenzied over stimulated pair out front and center, drummer Austin Smith and bass player Timothy Franco appear almost serene in contrast, poker faced and with little drama, watching over the ruckus from the edge, keeping things tied down to solid ground on the rhythm end so De Wilde and Cash can continue to havoc on.

Starcrawler performed a short albeit impressive set in Vegas that left a mark. “I Love LA” brought a anthemic Ramones-ish feel, while “Bet My Brains” (from their upcoming Album Devour You) channeled an inner Courtney Love on acid. A set high point was a fiendish “Chicken Woman”, a 70’s style rock jam that had De Wilde spitting blood and choking on her mic chord until we really weren’t sure if she had seriously hurt herself. After diving into the crowd and surfing across the fans packing the front, De Wilde dragged herself off the stage, bloodied but unbowed.

Starcrawler is still in the (pun intended) young stage with members ranging from 17- 22, and still finding their groove, with definite roots in 70’s power rock, while adding in a bit of the dandyworld. Starcrawler’s mix of pop punk with "a bit of the old ultraviolence” is apparent on their self titled album from 2018, and can’t wait to hear more of what their new album Devour You has in store in October.

Check out the video for “Bet My Brains” from Devour You HERE. I dare you.

Starcrawler photos from Jo Anna Jackson /

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