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The final day of Psycho Las Vegas 2019 one of the bands we were really excited to see was Rotting Christ, but Rotting Christ cancelled, so Psycho booked the band WEEDEATER to take their spot. Weedeater was amazing, a band that should be at every Psycho! Weedeater is classic stoner metal from North Carolina, and this band is rude, crude and just what we liked.

The final day of Psycho was still a packed list, with a great variety of bands in all venues. In the Rhythm & Riffs Lounge on Sunday Psycho featured POLYRHYTHMICS, HELL FIRE, TWO MINUTES TOO LATE and ANDREW WK DJ SET. Outside at the Mandalay Bay Beach were TRUCKFIGHTERS, 1349, DEAFHEAVEN, POWER TRIP and KADAVER. Inside at the House of Blues there was WARHORSE, HAVE A NICE LIFE, VIOLENCE, DEAD MEADOW, TWIN TEMPLE and AMENRA. And inside the inside the Mandalay Bay Arena on the big stage were WEEDEATER, MOGWAI, UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS, BEACH HOUSE and OPETH.

MOGWAI from Glasgow, Scotland just totally blew me away, with a soaring atmospheric sound that blasted out across the arena. Mogwai is an instrumental band with a sound that is larger than life. The band featured songs from their large 9 album catalogue, and a couple from their most recent Every Country's Sun including the title track and "Party in the Dark". Check out their website HERE for links to their albums.

I headed out to the pool and caught the Norwegian black metal band 1349. This band really should of been inside at the HOB, black metal at a pool is really odd. 1349 stayed with the faster heavier set including several from their earlier Hellfire album, with "I Am Abomination" and "Sculptor of Flesh". The band's seventh studio album, The Infernal Pathway, should be released in October of this year.

I caught the final band of the day in the Arena, the amazing OPETH. Opeth is from Stockholm, Sweden and is a progressive black metal band, and singer Mikael Akerfeldt shocked me at how can go in an instant from such a soft melodic voice to a guttural scream that makes you take a step back and go “Whoa...what did I just witness?” He is also very humorous, telling the arena crowd that they have a new CD they are finishing up but would not be playing it tonight, and after a groan and moan from the crowd he told them that it was because he could not remember how to play those songs yet! The band has announced their thirteenth studio album, In Cauda Venenum, is due for release on September 27th (order HERE) , and Opeth released the first single from In Cauda Venenum entitled "Heart In Hand". Opeth's show was visually stunning along with an incredible sound, and one of the best bands of the entire four day event.

After Opeth I decided to head out and call it a night, with four days of walking and running between venues I wore out my feet and was ready for some sleep. I love that Mandalay Bay is going to stay the new home of Psycho Las Vegas, this year was an incredible weekend, and I look forward to seeing what exciting bands and new features this festival brings to the fans next year.

Opeth Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Weedeater Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

1349 Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Mogwai Photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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