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It’s a good problem when you book a show and it sells so well that you need to move it to a bigger venue - and that bigger venue just happens to be next door! That’s what happened when the Black Dahlia Murder SOLD OUT the Backstage, Bar & Billiards so the promoters decided to move it to their larger venue next door. It was wall to wall packed in the Fremont Country Club on a Tuesday night for The Black Dahlia Murder with local metal bands Gods of Hate. Pariah Was One and Vatican Falling to set off the show in downtown Las Vegas.

VATICAN FALLING was the perfect band to open the show - brutal vocals and pounding guitars, these guys are an in-your-face metal band consisting of Adam Ray on Vocals, Dustin Allen on Guitar, Marc Cula on Guitar, Thomas Palmer on Bass and Nick Robinson on Drums. The bad thing about their show was the club did not open doors until just as the band was taking the stage, which meant that a good bit of the fans missed a very good band.

We have followed PARIAH WAS ONE since their debut show, and we have witnessed the progress and the cohesiveness that this band demonstrates every time we see them. Pariah Was One has some incredible musicians, and lead singer Calvin "Carver" Sroka seems to have really come into his own as a front man with this band. It doesn't hurt having two of the best guitar players in Vegas, Nour Ayasso and Kevin Lemus, along with Glenn Cwikla on Drums, and Oscar Rosales on Bass. Give a listen to "Andromeda" (A New Home) off of their their debut CD and you will be instantly hooked on this band.

GODS of HATE was another Las Vegas metal band for direct support, a very good deathcore band who really surprised me, since I have never had the chance to see these guys live before. Hard, heavy and brutal, they brought a special kind of energy to their performance for the show, and they were a great set up for BDM. You can catch Gods of Hate again in December at Fremont Country Club when they will open for Cattle Decapitation.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER once again conquered in Las Vegas! The SOLD OUT show brought out metal fans en masses and a good bit of Vegas own metal musicians as well to check out the fray. It’s hard to believe this band has already been around for nearly 20 years, but it shows in their performance as they have a command of the stage you don’t see too often in a show like this. Described as a melodic death metal band, The Black Dahlia Murder is made of growling vocals, blazing guitars and a thunderous rhythm section they had the huge crowd moshing and crowd surfing as soon as they took to the stage. Comprised of Trevor Strnad on lead vocals, Brian Eschbach on rhythm guitar, Max Lavelle on bass, Alan Cassidy on drums, and Brandon Ellis on lead guitar, The Black Dahlia Murder is still out on tour since the release of 2017's NightBringers on Metal Blade Records, and will continue to tour on this leg through mid October. Check out the most recent video for "Kings of the Night World" HERE, and keep up with merch and tour dates HERE.

The Black Dahlia Murder photos from Harold Mouintain / JustAFanPhotos

Gods Of Hate photos from Harold Mouintain / JustAFanPhotos

Pariah Was One photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Vatican Falling photos from Harold Mouintain / JustAFanPhotos

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