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When I saw that Messer Chups was playing at the Backstage, Bar & Billiards on October 24th I made sure to be there to see this amazing band once again. I first caught Messer Chups in the spring at Viva Las Vegas inside the Orleans Casino at the lounge, and they drew the biggest crowd of the entire weekend, so this was a must show for me.

Two-piece duo If They Love You, They’ll Kill You started off the bash, a guitar and drum set up with some creative song writing and storytelling. This is the kind of band that you grab a beer and kick back and just enjoy.

LOS CARAJOS was a very interesting band, and they sing everything in Spanish, and also sported a horn section along with a guitar, bass and drummer. The band's sound is a cross between punk and classic Mexican songs. The beat of the drums is straight up punk, with some metal guitars and a really good horn section. I really got into this band, as their set went on their music was infectious, and really grabbed you and made you appreciate what they were doing.

Messer Chups hails all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia and is mainly an instrumental band with just snippets of spoken parts thrown in every now and then. The band's is horror / surf and some punk tossed in to tie everything together. Guitarist Oleg Gitaracula is a fantastic guitarist, and sounds like a classic 60's surf album. On lead vocals it’s the seductress Zombierella, with her pulp fiction looks and her badass bass playing she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. On drums and the clown of the group it’s Rockin Eugene who provides different sounds every now and then depending on the song. The band sings songs with horror themes and ended their set with the crowd favorite “Theme from Peter Gunn”. What a great fit for a horror punk Halloween show. More on Messer Chups HERE .

Messer Chups Photos from Harold Mounatin / JustAFanPhotos

Los Carajos Photos from Harold Mounatin / JustAFanPhotos

IF THEY LOVE YOU, THEY’LL KILL YOU Photos from Harold Mounatin / JustAFanPhotos

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