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Diamond David Lee Roth High-Kicks Off A New Vegas Residency at House of Blues

ALL photos copyright and courtesy of Christopher Devargas

Like the famous saying goes, "Ya had to be there!" Last night, Nikki Blakk & I went to the opening night of the NEW David Lee Roth Residency in Las Vegas, and I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts we’ve been to in ages, and easily the best DLR show I’ve seen in forever. Now, I don’t wanna stop all of the keyboard warriors from trashing his performance by analyzing it and picking every note apart, ('ya cant spell analyzing without ANAL), so please, skip reading my review and go right back to Blabbermouth, they LOVE you there.

Oh, you’re still here! You must like FUN! Because if you like fun, you go see David Lee Roth. If you wanna arpeggios and finger tapping, go see Eddie Van Halen. If you want to hear pitch perfect singing, go listen to Sammy Hagar. Or that Extreme guy.

Last night, Roth didn’t have Eddie, he sure as hell didn’t have Ted Templeman dialing things in, and he definitely didn't have a teleprompter. He used floor monitors the entire show and they were deafening. Last night was a gift for the DLR fans.

And trust, I know a lot of Van Halen fans out there. I started seeing them live in 1982, so calm your tits. And I liked VH as a kid, but DLR was who I was always there to see. And when DLR went solo, and got to bring everyone along to his technicolor world, I was ecstatic. This residency show is for all the people that would rather hear "Goin Crazy" than "Cathedral". It is for the people who liked the skits in the beginning of DLR's videos. Last night he gave us a bottle of anything, and a glazed donut - to go! And we went crazy!! It was sooo much fucking fun!! Our faces hurt from laughing. His comedy bits were hilarious, his conversation intros lasted up to10 minutes between songs. And when the songs kicked in, they were as good as with any version of the DLR band I've ever seen. I have no idea who the players were because they didnt get introduced, and honestly, no one was there for them.

DLR's voice was erratic yet strong - he sang when he wanted to, talked some of it, forgot the words, made up new ones. The band was solid, and I have a strong feeling the set list is going to be changing night to night. I’ll probably go again this weekend so I’ll let ya know.

The show was at the House of Blues, which is an intimate place, and Roth made it feel like a cross between a Vegas nightclub in the 50's and a Catskills Supper Club, and then BAM! Van Halen hits kick in and it's suddenly the Sunset Strip! So much fun! Roth looked great for being 65 and losing his hair, his dance moves were as wacky as ever and his smiling was infectious . Everyone around us on the floor was in tears at some point from laughing, pumping their fists other times and having a blast the entire time. Tickets were only $65, and residencies here can run $150-$400 without any VIP, so believe me when I say we all got our money's worth.

So in closing, let me say... if you can play "Eruption" on the guitar at home, this show probably isn’t for you. If you know exactly what I mean why I say, "Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla Humala bebuhla zeebuhla BOP", then you will fucking LOVE IT!

*Cip Cipriano is a contributing writer, music lover, master entrepreneur, San Fransisco DJ and QBar owner who graces Las Vegas on a regular basis to provide opinions and cocktails ;)

David Lee Roth has more residency dates coming in March 2020 at the House of Blues Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Casino, and you can purchase your tickets HERE. Eat 'Em and Smile.

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