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Alkaline Trio : Blood Hair and Eyeballs US Tour Finale in Las Vegas

Alkaline Trio returned to Vegas for a finale of their Blood, Hair and Eyeballs Tour, named after their first album in 5 years. The band hit the stage running, and kept up a kinetic pace, with Drug Church and Worriers along for the wild ride.

Worriers, a punk pop solo project of vocalist and songwriter Lauren Denitzio, opened the show with a short but impressive set, getting a little emotional at times talking to the crowd about how much the tour had impacted them. Denitzio has a folk story-telling vibe to their songs, and the set had several from the most recent album (and first studio album in three years) Trust Your Gut, including “Hold My Breath” and I’m Not Mad”. The band has a rotating live line up that has in the past included Atom Willard on drums, who also played in Against Me!, whose vocalist Laura Jane Grace produced the Worriers first LP Imaginary Life back in 2015. Willard is now drumming in Alkaline Trio. Six degrees, or something like that. 

Post hardcore band Drug Church was next and just tore the place up. Starting with “Grubby”, the bodies started surfing and the crowd was jumping (along with the band) and the place was on fire. Patrick Kindlon led a frenzy of a set, that included a few from 2022’s Hygiene as well as last year’s single “Myopic”. Kindlon made a point to talk about how influential Alkaline Trio had been on the scene and on them in particular as well, and how much of am impact they still make. And then he said he was getting married after the show. It is Vegas after all.

Alkaline Trio made their entrance in suit and ties with “Hot For Preacher” off the new record, Matt Skiba looking smirky and confident, and just downright happy. Skiba and Dan Adriano are like bookends, trading vocals and a chemistry that has exceeded decades. This tour featured new (aforementioned) drummer Atom Willard, who came aboard after the departure of long time drummer Derek Grant, and seemed fall right into place, a showman of a drummer that fits in nicely. 

The hour plus set leaned heavy off the new 10th album Blood, Hair and Eyeballs, a record that took a good while to get here, and recaptures their early anthemic energy. Singles “Bad Time” and “Break” were well received by the fans, with Skiba saying “That’s the best we’ve played that song”. But the crowd really went wild and danced and sang loud to “Stupid Kid”, and the energy never waned, wrapping up with a sing-a-long “Radio” to end a fabulous night. 

Check out the new record Blood Hair and Eyeballs and news on Alkaline Trio HERE.

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