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Bayside Comes "Home" to Vegas at House of Blues with Koyo and I Am The Avalanche

Bayside brought their Just Like Home tour through Las Vegas with a stop at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay, with fellow New Yorkers I Am The Avalanche and Koyo in tow. HOB was packed as usual for Bayside, Vegas being a regular stop for the band, and opening band Koyo got things off to a start for the show.

Koyo has been around for a couple years and was formed as a supergroup of friends who all played in different bands in the scene, with members who had played with SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Rain of Salvation, Hangman and Adrenaline, with vocalist Joey Chiaramonte hailing from the band Typecaste. The band’s genre falls into the pop punk and melodic hardcore range, with said similarities to Movielife also from NY, which has ties to the next opener for the night. Koyo has released two EP’s; Painting Words Into Lines in 2020, and Drives Out East in 2021, and the band signed to Pure Noise Records and released a new single, "Ten Digits Away" in 2022. A great start to the night! More on Koyo HERE.

I Am The Avalanche featured vocalist Vinnie Caruana (formerly Movielife above), with members Brett Romnes, Michael Ireland, Kellen Robson and Brandon Swanson out of NY and have been on the scene a couple of decades, with a most recent album release DIVE in 2022. The band has been standard in the post punk, melodic genre, and gave a powerful high energy set in the the Vegas lineup. Follow IATA for news and merch HERE.

Bayside played a set of standards and favorites from their intense discography, starting with a high energy “Big Cheese” and “The Walking Wounded”, and vocalist Anthony Raneri had the crowd singing and jumping and screaming a satisfying 16 more songs before he and the band left the stage. Just a tease though, as Bayside returned for a 3 song encore of “Don’t Call Me Peanut”, going way back to 2005’s self titled Bayside,

and including a new single “Go To Hell”, and the ever classic “Devotion and Desire” to close out he night.

Bayside released The RED EP last year, containing tour namesake song “Just Like Home”, but the band included “Strangest Faces” from the EP on the setlist this show.

Bayside has another EP out later this spring titled The Blue EP (containing the new “Go To Hell” single) and should be available on Hopeless Records mid March - more info HERE.

Bayside "Go To Hell" from upcoming release The Blue EP

Bayside Photos: Stardogphotos/Jo Anna Jackson

I Am The Avalanche Photos: Stardogphotos/Jo Anna Jackson

Koyo Photos: Stardogphotos/Jo Anna Jackson

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Mar 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love Bayside!😍

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