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Catch Your Breath Hits Hard in Las Vegas, on Tour with Atreyu and Memphis May Fire

Catch Your Breath is a relatively new metal band out of Austin, with a lot of punch and a damn good high energy show. The band signed to Thriller Records in 2022, and with

the release of single "Dial Tone" started really

getting attention, and was called one of the best choruses of 2022.

The four piece with vocalist Josh, guitarist Teddy, bassist Cianan, and drummer Onell (apparently they like to keep it mysterious) has been hitting the metalcore radar recently with their newest single “No Evil,” on March 31, slated to be on their upcoming debut album for late 2023.

Catch Your Breath made a pretty impressive impact in Las Vegas on the We Want Your Misery Tour. opening for co-Headliners Atreyu and Memphis May Fire. They were GOOD. Lots of energy and fire, and a lot of fans showed up early just to check them out live, after the new single getting noticed and a buzz with select dates with Falling in Reverse. The set was short but mighty, and the band will be on the road through September 26th with this tour. Get there early and check them out!! Dates and ticket info HERE, and more infor on Catch Your Breath at their Website HERE.

Catch Your Breath Photos : Jo Anna Jackson /

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26 de set. de 2023
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Great concert this was...


12 de set. de 2023
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Nice pics

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