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Metal legends Max & Igor Cavalera, the 'Cavalera Conspiracy', embarked on an ambitious 40 date MORBID DEVASTATION tour, making a stop at the House of Blues in Las Vegas along the way. They are touring in support of the re-recording of Sepultura's first EP on Nuclear Blast, Brutal Devastation, and their first full cd Morbid Visions, both originally recorded back in the mid 80’s. The brothers are going back to their beginnings, and the setlist reflected that in the order they played the songs, with the kick off "Bestial Devastation". This is a hard and heavy show, and every band on the roster brought a killer performance to the stage.

INCITE started the night off, featuring Max Cavalera's son Richie Cavalera, who fronts the band, and in true family tradition the sound is very heavy. Based out of Phoenix, these guys have been together since 2004, and I have seen them few times before and they always deliver a great show! It was a really good way to get the energy going for the night.

EXHUMED took things to the next level, with growling vocals and screaming guitars and crazy stage antics. These guys have been around since 1990 and are based out of San Jose, and really tore up the stage in Vegas. During their set they had a creepy guy come out onstage with a chainsaw and pretend to cut off their hands and legs, and a huge video screen behind them played clips of surgeries, horror movies and even reefer madness. The band embraces horror and gore in their heavy metal act and their show represents it 100%. Most entertaining.

Metal legends Max & Igor Cavalera are the founders of the metal band Sepultura, and the brothers and band sounded tight, and brought back many memories of seeing Sepultura back in its heyday - Max stated "beware of imitators"! During their set they also paid homage to Motorhead, with Max bringing out a Motorhead t-shirt with Lemmy's face on it as the band played "Orgasmatron" and "Overkill". Also was homage to Max’s mom Vania, who recently passed away over the summer, as the video screen showed photos honoring her between songs.

This show was the next to last show on the tour and the band seems to be in fine spirits as they brought out the opening band members from INCITE and EXHUMED and jammed on "Troops of Doom", and closed out their show with the Sepultura classic "Refuse / Resist". To see Max and Igor together on tour is a metal fan's dream, and the band included Max's son Igor Amadeus Cavalera on bass. One of the better metal shows I've seen this year, I hope it's not so long between tours next time! The tour wraps up in LA the night after Vegas for this US leg, but keep up with the Conspiracy, more tour dates and news HERE.

Cavalera Conspiracy: Max & Igor Cavalera photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

EXHUMED photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

INCITE photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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