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Falling in Reverse: The Popular Monstour(s) Back in Vegas At the Virgin Theater

Falling in Reverse hit Las Vegas with their Popular MonsTour, for a two night near sellout at the updated Virgin Theater. Close to the end of this tour, with only

a few dates to go, the band gave 200% to the fans - Homeboy Ronnie Radke in peak form for the Vegas return, and Virgin welcomed him with an outdoor digital billboard all his own reading "Welcome Home Ronnie". Love him or hate him, the talented but controversial frontman got a big welcome back for this hometown double night gig, and a helluva packed theater and super psyched up crowd.

FIR blasted off their set with "Zombified", their Billboard Mainstream #1 hit, with Radke walking a raised vanity ramp across the entire front of the stage, with video screens and the band behind. Radke was joined by bandmates and guitarists Max Georgiev, Christian Thompson,

another Vegas local Tyler Burgess on bass, and for this tour Luke Holland from The Word Alive on drums, which was a kicker. Holland didn't fail to show off his abilities, with a full solo and some minis thrown in. The band was somewhat shielded by the raised walkway, but got some featured love on individual solos throughout the night, never overshadowed by Radke but together a blended power force.

The show started off hard, and never let up for the 14 song set, with a varied video backdrop and pyro heating up mid set, covering a career span from "The Drug in Me is You" , to Escape the Fate's "Situations", to a slow down with newest single, a reimagined version of “Last Resort”

by Papa Roach, all leading up to a finale of hit "Watch The World Burn", #1 song of 2022 at SiriusXM's Octane Voices In My Head", and the titled "Popular Monster". A huge night in Vegas, with another to go!

This 2023 Monstour ends July 30 in Cali, but FIR will be back on tour supporting Avenged Sevenfold on their 2023 North American Tour P2, starting in September on the east coast. For the full tour dates and more info visit their website at FALLING IN REVERSE or find Tickets Here.

Watch new video "Last Resort Here

Falling In Reverse Las Vegas Setlist Night One

Zombified I'm Not A Vampire Losing My Mind Fuck You and All Your Friends Fashionably Late The Drug In Me Is You

Situations (Escape the Fate) All Star (Smash Mouth Bad Girls Club Just Like You Last Resort (Papa Roach) Watch The World Burn Voices In My Head Popular Monster

Falling In Reverse Photos : Jo Anna Jackson /

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