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Fit For A King & The Devil Wears Prada : MetalCore Dropouts Tour Finale at HOB Las Vegas

The Devil Wear Prada and Fit For A King played a sold out show at the House of Blues Las Vegas for the final night of the Matalcore Dropout Tour, with guests Landmvrks and Counterparts, and was just the right amount of METALCORE for a pre kick off to the When We Were Young festival weekend. 

The Devil Wears Prada played first on their co-headlining last date, Mike Hranica raging onto the stage growling and screaming with “Exhibition”, while Jeremy DePoyster kicks and delivers the hooks and the clean vocal melody, all while the entire band cast runs rampant back and forth around the stage like a house

on fire. The frantic light show only added to the frenzy, and TDWP kept at it with a set showing off “Salt” and more from their most recent 2022 release Color Decay, as well as some well known faves. Bodies were flying, mosh pits were tearing up the floor, and TDWP ripped through “Dez Moines” and “Chemical”, before ending the set with the early “Hey John”, a classic that after 25+ years hits just as hard as ever.

Fit For a King finished off the night, hard out the gate with “Annihilation” and “Breaking the Mirror”, kicking off a brutal set that carried on with several songs from their most recent The Hell We Create, the album art on the video screen behind them. The pits kept rolling and the energy never faded, as Ryan Kirby srcreamed his way through “Then Reaper”, while showing a more clean style in “FallingThrough the Sky”, both from the new record. Their show ended with “God of Fire” with a little help from Florent Salfati from Landmvrks, and the Metalcore Dropouts was a wrap. 

The Devil Wears Prada Photos " / Jo Anna Jackson

Fit For A King Photos " / Jo Anna Jackson


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