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Flogging Molly's SHAMROCK REBELLION Brings the Irish out for St Patrick's Day at the DLVEC Las Vegas

Featuring Flogging Molly, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, The Buzzcocks,

Face to Face, Skinny Lister, Amigo the Devil, Nobro, and Gen and the Degenerates

St Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas celebrated in style with the inaugural Flogging Molly’s Shamrock Rebellion, a day long festival from Brew Ha Ha Productions, featuring a great line up of music, craft beer tastings, lots of food, merch and more. The weather had been bit rough the two days before the Vegas date (the festival was also in CA the day prior), but for the Irish in attendance (and honorary Irish for the day lol) the sun shone bright and the day was perfect. 

The fest kicked off with free beer tasting from 12-3pm, and the tasting tent filled up early. About 20 or so brewery vendors were set up for shot size samples, and the whisky was not forgotten - Slane Irish Whiskey stepped up as sponsor and the shots. Attendees started the drinking early, the bands got started around 12:45, and what a lineup!

Gen and the Degenerates took the stage and were fantastic band to kick off the music for the day, so much energy, smiles and a lot of fun. The band hails from Liverpool, and they really made and impact and set a great tone for the afternoon. Gen’s stage presence and charisma really shone, the band really had a good time and it carried over to the crowd.  The band has a brand new debut record out, Anti-Fun Propaganda on Marshall Records - more on the band and get the record HERE.

NOBRO from Canada was next, a real riot grrl band with attitude who kicked off with the anthemy “Where My Girls At” from their debut LP Set Your Pussy Free, and the crowd couldn’t help but join in. Vocalist/bassist Kathryn McCaughey is a center point, along with Sarah Dion, Karolane Carbonneau, and Lisandre Bourdages, making strong girl power statements and keeping it fun at the same time. Listed to their new record and more info on NOBRO HERE

Pop folk punk Skinny Lister was non-stop energy and movement from the moment they started, with the first hint of Irish-ish sounds (even though the are British lol) with “Wanted”, and starting a frenzy with “George’s Glass”.  Five minutes in, vocalist Lorna Thomas was yelling for security to help her into the crowd, and the rebellion party began in earnest. The group was so visual, never stood still, they all had a feature moments, while the crowd lifted drinks and sang and danced along. “John Kanaka” was a huge a cappella sing-a-long hit mid-set - the band gives crowd participation a new meaning. Check out their recent LP Shanty Punk HERE. 

Amigo the Devil had some sound issues off the bat (like no sound), but after a few minutes decided to jump on in and play acoustically and just keep the party going. In front of a backdrop mural of their new LP Yours Until The War Is Over, singer Danny Kiranos grabbed the banjo, a bottle that looked suspiciously like tequila and not whisky lol, said “pretend the rest of the band is playing” and with a big smile told the crowd to help him out. About three sing-a-longs in the sound was resolved, and the rest of the band joined him and really knocked out the rest of their set. They have a real connection to the fans and know how to have a good time, sound be damned. More on Amigo the Devil HERE. 

Face to Face was the first harder punk band of the afternoon, really upping the pace midday and setting the tone for the rest of the night, starting with “A OK” and getting circles going and the surfing started. The band has been around since the early 90’s and is a punk rock fest staple, really hitting hard with the first longer set of the day. Their set covered a bit of their history and catalogue, with several from their most recent 2021 release No Way Out But Through. Music links and tour information HERE.

Buzzcocks were a real treat at the Rebellion, led now by original bassist Steve Diggle, with a “new era” for the band after the death of vocalist Pete Shelley in 2018. Diggle is now on guitar and vocals, and this reformed Buzzcocks gave a great show, with a lot of classic tunes, but also including a couple from the new record (post Shelley), Sonics in the Soul from 2022. The crowd really gave them a warm welcome, and it was great to hear some Buzzcock classics live. The band continues to tour through 2024, more information and dates HERE

Ah, Frank Turner. Along with the Sleeping Souls, Turner was definitely a crowd draw for the festival. No merch in the tent, but still a lot of t-shirts out there repping the band, and the fans were out in force for their set. Turner’s folk sound still carried a big stick, and the pace stayed strong for his set. The festival had really filled up at this point, and the sun was setting for the final acts. “Hear ye, hear ye” echoed throughout the crowd as they sang loud to the folk anthemy “I Still Believe”, and Turner followed with a frenetic “Try This at Home”, a real hearty and happy lead in to the headlining Molly, and a fantastic set.  Turner has his 10th album coming out this spring, Undefeated, and we got a sneak peek with single “Do One” close to the end of the set. Pre order Undefeated HERE.

Flogging Molly treated us with the finale of the night, and as the strains of “Molly Malone” filled the air, the ensemble entered the stage. For a moment we thought we might get some rain showers after all, but after a few raindrops, all stayed clear and Dave King steered a full set of Celtic punk classics for the fans. Flogging Molly is not just a music event, it is a full on party, with a band in constant motion and King singing, laughing and including the crowd in every minute.

“Drunken Lullabies” started a nonstop pace, and the band played a lengthy 18 song set including classic "Salty Dog”, "Rebels of the Sacred Heart”, “Life in a Tenement Square”, leading up to "What's Left of the Flag" and the incredible encore “The Seven Deadly Sins” to finish the night.

The inaugural Shamrock Rebellion was a roaring success, and a beautiful St Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas. The punk scene in Vegas is strong, and we hope to see this fest again represented again next year here, it was a great spring kick off to the upcoming festival season. 

Flogging Molly photos / / Jo Anna Jackson

Frank Turner photos / / Jo Anna Jackson

Buzzcocks photos / / Jo Anna Jackson

Face To Face photos / / Jo Anna Jackson

Amigo The Devil photos / / Jo Anna Jackson