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FROM ASHES TO NEW is out on the road with their Blackout Tour Part 2, in wake of last summers release of their fourth album Blackout and featuring new collaborative singles "Barely Breathing" (with Chrissy Costanza of Against the Current) and "One Foot In The Grave" (feat Aaron Pauley of Of Mice and Men). FATN headlined the night, and brought a varied lineup with them including post hardcore and rap, with ELijah, PHIX, EKOH and Point North. The show started early with the five man lineup, and the crowd showed up early to catch all the acts, the House of Blues was rocking before the first band hit the stage.

I missed photographing ELIJAH, unaware there was a basketball game in the venue, and had to hit valet on two wheels after about an hour getting into the parking garage at all. Who knew. But caught the tail end of the set that featured most tracks off recent EP Fighting Myself, and the crowd was on fire singing and jumping. They also snuck in a couple brand new songs "Enemies" and "Calling You Out"... this band is putting out songs faster than we can keep up! You can check out Fighting Myself and more HERE.

Texas rapper PHIX commented "since when do rappers open metal shows" as he opened paced the stage, although PHIX has been compared to Linkin Park and BMTH, bringing melodic rap and nu metal together into his mix. The set leaned to the harder side, in part with the live drumming of prodigy Bronx Sandoval, who at 11 years old pounds the skins like a tenured pro and brought huge cheers from the crowd. The show built until culminating

with the new single "Underneath" that has blown up on SIXIUS FM and Spotify. Check it out HERE.

Las Vegas' own EKOH really had a home welcome from the crowd, the place got wild as the hip 'heart' hop artist, know for his emotional songs from the 'heart', got crazy with "Hurt Myself". EKOH's style has a hard nod to the Eminem vibe with his "Ted Talk", and really delved into his heart hop with

"Numb" and "Wayside", with the help of DJ Kode Break on vocals and they really had fun on stage. EKOH up'ed the anti and the pace with "Villan", jumping into the fray and surfing back to the stage, before starting a shoe war, frantically autographing shoes as dozens flew onstage during "Freeverse 3" for the finale. Their highly interactive set brought the Vegas love home to EKOH.

POINT NORTH steered the night toward a harder edge pop metalcore groove, building the momentum with a set that fired off with hit "Prepare for Despair" from last years album of the same name, building to their JUST released, heavier "Bring Me Down". Frontman Jon Lundin was a force on stage, the whole band was a blur of energy and motion, and the fans were a spinning mass on the main floor. Elijah jumped back onstage with Lundin to add to the excitement, and Point North would down their longer set with a couple more from 2023's Prepare for Despair to close out. Check the new record and new songs out HERE.

From Ashes to New blasted onto the stage with "Armageddon" from tour namesake album Blackout, with a sensory overload of sound and lights - vocalist Danny Case switching off with rapping frontman Matt Brandyberry, both with mics and in motion, never stopping as they moved left to right and straight into "Dead To Me". The crowd immediately went crazy, moshing

and screaming along, the energy was unmatched and FATN really brought it for the Vegas fans. along with Case and Brandyberry, Lance Dowdle and Jimmy Bennet brought the rock with dual guitars onstage, and drummer Mat Madiro pounded out the backbeat from the drum riser for one hell of a show. FATN played almost all of the Blackout album, as well as the new 2024 singles, and had a little help from Elijah who was back on stage for "Panic" , as well as EKOH who crashed

"Nightmare", before the band wrapped the set with an emotional and thunderous "Through it All".

The whole night was a blast, all the bands really shone and the interaction of them jumping in on each others songs, and interacting with the crowd, really made for a fantastic time. This tour line up is winding down next week and then the band will have a few festival dates before a break. Tour dates pick back up in September as they support Nothing More on The Carnal Tour for a few weeks, then dates with Set It Off on The Deathless Tour Part 2 with New Years Day through November. Check out tour dates, news and more HERE.

From Ashes To New Photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

North Point Photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

EKOH Photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

PHIX Photos: Jo Anna Jackson /


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Jun 27
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a show...and I agree EKHO was unbelievable


Jun 14
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Jun 14
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That show was soooooo goooooood❤️

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