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This was a historic evening, being the final evening of G2 - An Active Rock Gathering - the ultimate showcase platform for new and developing Active Rock, as well as the first "rock" concert held in the new Dollar Loan Center Arena in Henderson, NV. The G2 convention ran three days showcasing up and coming bands, with key speakers and networking for music industry members.

The bands on the Dollar Loan Center finale show bill were solid from start to finish, and with GODSMACK as the headliner it really put this new venue to the test with fiery pyro to showcase the venue as a major player for rock and metal shows to come.

Starting off the show was CHRISTOPHER SHAYNE BAND who hails from Phoenix, AZ. We got a sneak peak at what these guys are all about as they did a brief acoustic set on night one of G2 showcase at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. You could tell right away these guys are something special, and on the big stage in the Dollar Center Arena they blew us away. They started off with “Do or Die” followed by their newest single “ One More Round” that features UFC fighters Kamuela Kirk and Kurt Tanael in their video for the song. The band kept the party going with “Devil’s Due & Ten High” then closed out their set with “Never Fade Away”. If you are a fan of southern rock with that down and dirty guitar sound then Christopher Shayne Band is for you.

Next on the G2 showcase was a band based in Seattle, WA., MOON FEVER. They started things off with “Nothing To Lose” followed by “Getting Loud” then played their newest single “Live Fast Die Young”. MOON FEVER has lots of energy and had the crowd in front on their feet through their entire set, a fun band I know we will see again in one of the rock clubs here in Vegas.

This next band had to be thrilled to be included in this show - born and raised right here in Las Vegas, NV - local boys OTHERWISE put on a hell of a show for their hometown fans. The band features brothers Adrian & Ryan Patrick who walked onto a huge stage to a packed arena and of their standing and cheering fans. Adrian was all over the place, running back and forth and at times jumping off the stage onto the huge speakers in

front of the stage and reaching out into the crowd and slapping the outstretched hands of their loyal fans. Band members on this tour were Nick Bedrosian on bass and Joe Conner on drums who filled out the rythm section. This is a seasoned band who is constantly on tour and working on new projects, and is touring in support of their new single “Full Disclosure” out everywhere you get your music.

Finally it was time for GODSMACK. The lights went down and with a loud bang the curtain dropped to the ground as the band launched into “1000 HP” with fans screaming with excitement. With a blast of huge flames Vocalist Sully Erna and the band ( Sully Erna - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, Robbie Merrill - bass, Tony Rombola - lead guitar and the amazing Shannon Larkin - drums), started with a Godsmack classic, “Stay Away”, followed by one of the best, hard driving beats of any Godsmack song,

“Cryin Like A Bitch”, during which Sully encouraged the crowd to sing along with him.

The band's lighting encompassed the entire arena with spot lights set on road cases on the entire arena floor, and the main set featured 11 songs including “Awake", "Voodoo" and "Whatever”. Godsmack left the stage

briefly before returning for a 4 song encore, that began with a rare and emotional ballad about bullying, suicide, addiction and abuse titled “Under Your Scars” that literally

had people around us crying. The song brings awareness to the bands' SCARS Foundation dedicated to raising monies to help with mental health issues and save lives.

At the request of UFC main man Dana White who was in the building, GODSMACK played the Joe Walsh cover “Rocky Mountain Way”, then it was on to “Bulletproof'' and closing with “I Stand Alone”.

Erna in a recent interview stated that the upcoming Godsmack album would be their last, which had to come as a shock to their loyal fans. Godsmack is and will always be one of the best live rock bands who delivered a great show night after night, and will continue live shows based on their vast catalogue, and we wish them well on whatever they accomplish in the future and thank them for the many years of amazing music!



Keep Away

Cryin' Like a Bitch!!



When Legends Rise

Something Different



Batalla de los tambores



Under Your Scars

Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh cover)


I Stand Alone

GODSMACK PHOTOS: Harold Mountain/@JustAFanPhotos

OTHERWISE PHOTOS: Harold Mountain/@JustAFanPhotos

MOON FEVER PHOTOS: Harold Mountain/@JustAFanPhotos



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