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Little Miss Nasty at AREA 15

This would be my first time in the massive entertainment complex known as Area 15, spread out over 15 acres parallel to the Las Vegas Strip and I-15. Their goal is to make this ever expanding complex into the world's largest entertainment center in the world!

LITTLE MISS NASTY is an all female dance troupe that is reinventing the term burlesque with their rock n roll style that captivates their audiences, and made a stop at Area 15 with their SEX METAL CIRCUS 2023 TOUR, and the line to get in was long and the room was packed by showtime. Little Miss Nasty has toured with many musical artists such as Lords of Acid, In This Moment, Genitorturers and Orgy, and also some of the dancers have toured with some of the biggest names in music - Lady Gaga, J-Lo, P. Diddy and Gwen Stephani.

The show was on an elevated stage with a jungle gym set towards the back in the middle, and we were treated to group numbers along with solo and duo routines using the massive sets, and the group perform to songs from artists Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie and more. The outfits are down right sexy, and as expected there is nudity, and spectators were warned that during the show the girls would be out interacting with the crowd.

For this show LMN performed in an interactive 360 experience room, and onstage videos were projected on all the walls throughout the venue, and this made you like you were part of the show. The girls are sexy, the show is sexy, and the music is high energy. Little Miss Nasty grabs your attention immediately and holds it throughout their night.

This is not a show for everybody, but if you love rock n roll, sexy girls, great dance routines then this is a must see. I was very impressed by the evolution this dance troupe has made since the first time I saw them back late 2010’s. A great performance to great music.

Little Miss Nasty Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos


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