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The P.O.D: I Got That Tour rolled into Vegas, and I was really looking forward to this show! The last time P.O.D. played Vegas they were damn good, and this would be the first time I would see Bad Wolves with new singer Daniel Laskiewicz (who replaced Tommy Vext and has split the Bad Wolves fans in half). This also would be my first time seeing Norma Jean live , and the night really lived up to my expectations.

Kicking off the show was yet another a band, BLIND CHANNEL, who were the Finnish selection for the 2021 Eurovision contest finishing 6th. To me, this was a typical Eurovision contest band, like others I have seen in the past wearing similar outfits and sorta poppy in their sound, not a perfect fit for a show like this, but the crowd seemed to like them all the same and gave them a good repsonse. Blind Channel has racked up an impressive 78 million listens on Spotify to hit "Dark Side", that they included in the set, and then asked if there were any Backstreet Boys fans in the

house (an odd request at a numetal show but what do I know), surprisingly there apparently was, and the band played their version of "Everybody's ( Backstreet’s Back)" and the crowd sang along. A good band to start things off, but things were about to get a bit harder.

NORMA JEAN hit a bit harder, with a metalcore sound for a solid set with songs from their most recent album Sleep Explosion, and lead vocalist Corey Brandon told the crowd that they love Vegas, and have been trying to get back here for a long time. Norma Jean gets credit for the first mosh pit of the night, with a heavy and hot set, although short and I would have loved to hear more. Check out more and listen to Norma Jean HERE.

BAD WOLVES seems to have found their footing with new singer Daniel Laskiewicz, and opened with the guitar driven song “Bad Friend”, and the crowd was loving it, Daniel had full command of the stage. This was also the first time I had seen their new guitarist AJ Rebollo, who really accentuates the sound.

Daniel asked the crowd "who has seen Bad Wolves before? welcome to the Wolf Pack”! BW played a relatively short set too, but included “Legends Never Die”, "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Killing Me Slowly". Before closing out their show, Daniel said "I know you all came out to eat and drink but let's get the pit going", and jumped off the stage into the crowd as the band played the megahit cover “Zombie”.

P.O.D. was celebrating in Vegas, with the release of their new album VERITAS being released on the same day as this Vegas show! The band was also celebrating their 32 years together, quite an accomplishment. Sonny Sandoval was in great form, and P.O.D. kicked off their set, with new song "Drop" ( that features Randy Blythe on the recording), a killer of a song that should be an instant P.O.D. classic, and then knocked out the tour titled single "I Got That", and things got fiery. Sonny stated they would delve into more deep cuts than usual for the show mix things up, although they played

quite a few new songs off the new release.

On drums for this tour is former Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez (Wuv Bernardo still taking a break),who also happens to be dating Tatiana Shmayluk (JinJer), who guest vocals on another new song "Afriad to Die", that was also in the set, and the first classic hit we got was “Boom”. New tunes "Lost In Forever" and "I Won't Bow Down" were well received, before some reach backs, and then hit "Youth of the Nation", where Sandoval brought a

few younger fans onstage to sing and jump as the band rocked the radio classic. P.O.D. knocked out a 3 song encore that also included two new songs before ending the celebration with "Alive".

After 32 years and 11 albums, this band shows no signs of slowing down with new album VERITAS out now, a solid performance, and a US and european tour stretching trough October. More and tour dates HERE.


Drop (New song)

Lost in Forever(New song)

Circles(Bulls on Parade Snippet)


Afraid to Die(New song)

P.O.D photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Bad Wolves photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Norma Jean photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Blind Channel photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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