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Set It Off on the Deathless Tour 2024 with Crown The Empire, Caskets and DeathByRomy at House of Blues Las Vegas

SET IT OFF brought the Deathless Tour to Las Vegas with Crown the Empire, with Caskets and DeathByRomy as guests, a spectacular night at the House of Blues for an all ages fun night. The line up with Set if Off and Crown the Empire is a great combination, and Caskets hard driving post hardcore really set up their set. 

I dubbed the night Nu Emo, with a interesting start by DeathByRomy, a Romy Flores led project that really embodies her dramatic persona and gothic vibe, intense and a touch industrial, but still with a melodic hook. Flores has released three studio albums, with the most recent one independent release Entropy in 2022. Flores played a decently long set of 10 songs, with several off Entrophy, and one I really like from Songs From My Funeral, "I Feel Like a God". The music is dark and intense, hard, demanding and punchy, shocking of a sort, and the show is girlschool Manson-esque - check out video for “I Kill Everything” for a taste, and most recent single  “HellBound” with Jasmin Bean. More on DeathByRomy HERE.

Caskets is a post hardcore synthy act out of the UK, fronted by Matt Flood, with guitarists Benji Wilson and Craig Robinson, bassist Chris Mcintosh, and drummer James Lazenby. The band has put out two Lps, Lost Souls in 2021 and the more recent Reflections last fall, and the set included a bit of both, starting with "Drowned in Emotion" for a heady start. Had a great sound, good energy and a solid connect with the crowd. Check out their music and subscribe to their YouTube HERE.

Crown the Empire put on a great show with their current three vocalist set up, with Andy Leo taking center stage with Brandon Hoover backing up vocally, and Hayden Tree on unclean since the parting of Dave Escamilla- it took a minute for the band to gel back after the changes, but now really bring a solid sound and cohesiveness. Rounding our with Jeeves Avalos on drums the band is back in a big way the last couple years. Charging out the gate with “Dogma” off their 2023 release of the same name, followed by another newbie “Black Sheep”, the crowd was with them all the way. Lots of energy and motion on the stage, and even the softer “Superstar” still kept the energy even with a slower pace for a minute. A great combo on this tour, and a perfect lead up to Set It Off to follow.

Set it off came out kicking with "Parasite", and really punched the crowd in the face with the energy. Even though vocallist Codi Carson has claimed "Parasite" as his 'angriest song', he looked really happy and excited and it rolled over to the audience, it is great to see a band really love what they do. The new single “Fake Ass Friends” was in the set right off the bat, and the fans screaming along, and DeathByRomy's Romy Flores jumped in early in the set, helping

out on vocals for "Partners in Crime". The show was non stop whirlwind of sound and sights, Carson threw a big blow up raft out into the crowd and rode it while belting out "Ancient History", totally insane. Drummer Maxx Danzinger took to the mic for vocals on "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", and the band also played a HUGE medley before wrapping it up with "Why Worry" and "Killer in the Mirror". They even threw in

the encore tease and came back out for a finale with single "Punching Bag".

Set it off have been around since 2008, with a line up that has endured ever since with  lead vocalist Cody Carson, guitarist and bassist Zach Dewall, and drummer Maxx Danziger holding strong. The band has gone independent in the last year or so, relying on single releases throughout 2023 since their last album on Fearless Rocords, Elsewhere, but the band is hinting at a 2025 release more to the punk pop roots. We shall see. IN the meantime they are tearing it up on the road, and you can check out all the newest singles on Spotify, and more on tours and merch HERE.

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