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SHINEDOWN Start a Revolution at MGM Garden Arena with guests PAPA ROACH and SPIRITBOX

SHINEDOWN bought the Revolution Live Tour to Las Vegas at the MGM Arena, and a lot of pyro too! Shinedown has been on tour in support of their most recent 7th album Planet Zero, and are out hot on the tails of their IHeart Best Rock Artist of 2023 and Best Rock Song of 2023 (Planet Rock) nominations, as well as MTV Best Rock Nomination for the album. With such industry notice, the live show put the Zero heavy on the setlist, but made sure the fans got a fill of hits and classics too. Spiritbox and Papa Roach were also on the bill, and a divinity of hard rock and a hell of a 3 hour plus show.

Canadian rockers Spiritbox, a relatively newer band formed in 2017, features vocalist Courtney LaPlante and husband Mike Stringer on guitar, drummer Zev Rose, and bassist Josh Gilbert. The band has a full length album and a number of EP’s under their belt, with a new EP due out this November, The Fear of Fear. Spiritbox started their show with “Jaded” from the upcoming EP, had a really solid set, and the crowd loved them. LaPlante has a strong stage presence and is a heavy hitter, the music embraces a plethora of genre influences, but rests in the metal core family, with etherial mixing with growls and screams. More on Spiritbox HERE.

Papa Roach came out swinging, going way back with “Between Angels and Insects”, right after their own IHeart Best Artist of 2023 win, and followed with “Kill the Noise” from their most recent 2022 release Ego Trip. Jacoby Shaddix really is the epitome of high energy, never stops moving, his animated style really keeps the show hot. The band was a definer of the nu metal genre, and with the 2022 release still claims their crown, but the band has evolved

and really stretched in lyrics, and stays a solid heavy rock anthem band. Papr Roach hit the heavies in their set with "Scars", "No Apologies", "Cut The Line" and a kicking finale of "Las Resort". Stream Ego Trip and more HERE.

Shinedown gave the fans a video warmup, as huge screens behind the stage played a tour mash up of members Brent Smith, Zack Meyer, Eric Bass and

Barry Kerch cutting up during the day, and snippets on the road, before the Shinedown took the stage and started hot with "Diamond Eyes", and right into the radio hit "Dead Don't Die" off Planet Zero, then slowed a bit for a grand piano to float down from the ceiling for "I'll Follow You". Vocalist Brent Smith seemed in top form, sporting a mini mohawk, working the stage and the band really had a good time, the crowd really sang and screamed along. Plenty of pyro, video madness and a spectacular production, and the set was a great mix, building to finish with "Monsters" and "Cut The Cord".

The Vegas show was winding down this US leg, but until more tour dates, check out the band's Planet Zero Observer, an augmented reality web app, and more news, music and merch HERE.

Shinedown Photos : @Stardogphotos / Jo Anna Jackson

Papa Roach Photos : @Stardogphotos / Jo Anna Jackson

Spiritbox Photos : @Stardogphotos / Jo Anna Jackson


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