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SILVERSTEIN: Misery Made Me Tour with Dayseeker, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and One Step Closer

Silverstein made Las Vegas a stop on the Misery Made Me tour, bringing along Dayseeker, SeeYouSpaceCowboy and One Step Closer for a full night of the metalcore and some great sets from a whole line up of hi-energy bands.

One Step Closer is a melodic hardcore band from east coast, with members Ryan Savitski, Ross Thompson, Tommy Norton, and Colman O'Brien creating a high energy fast moving crush for their short but strong 10 song set. The band's debut full length album, This Place You Know, was released in 2021 and they drew heavily from the record with "I Feel So" and "Lead to Gray": starting off the night, while finishing out the show with "The Reach" from earlier From Me To You. Check out some tunes at and follow for dates and more on FB HERE

SeeYouSpaceCowboy really made an impression, the firceness and energy was off the charts, and the duality of vocialist Connie Sgarbossa along with Taylor Allen on clean vocals/guitar made for a real showdown during the band's set - of what I like to call songs

with the longest titles EVER. Connie refers to the band as "sasscore" and not screamo, and we get it, the live show was definitely sassy. SYSC's Songs for the Firing Squad album even features the song "Stop Calling Us Screamo", although the sound does incorporate classic metalcore and SC hardcore punk. SYSC dropped their most recent album last year, The Romance of Affliction (produced by Knocked Loose guitarist Isaac Hale ) and started their show with it's "Misinterpreting Constellations", and then moved on to "Disdain Coupled With a Wide Smile" and "Life as a Soap Opera Plot, 26 Years Running". See what I mean? Rounding out the band is brother Ethan Sgarbossa on guitar Timmy Moreno on bass , and AJ Tartol on drums. Go See them. Great band. More HERE

Dayseeker was formed in Orange County and features vocalist Rory Rodriguez, guitarist Gino Sgambelluri, bassist Ramone Valerio and drummer Mike Karle. They started their set with "Dreamstate" from their most recent album, Dark Sun, released November 2022, and pulled from there and 2019's Sleeptalk for their set. The band is a more melodic progressive metalcore, and a mellower break to the super fast pace openers, but the recent album definitely connected with fans who screamed out the lyrics and danced for the show. More on Dayseeker HERE


released their tenth studio album, Misery Made Me in May of last year, and are continuing to tour in support of the new record, but promised the fans a mix of new and classic songs on the tour. The new release turns out to be a heavier yet melodic mix from the band, and shows more hardcore and punk roots, and that the band still has that power punch. Vocalist Shane Told (along with Josh Bradford, Paul Koehler, Billy Hamilton, and Paul Marc Rousseau) started the performance with "Ultraviolet" off Misery, and continued through a 20 song set that did give the fans some past faves from their extensive catalogue. More your dates and information HERE

Silverstein Las Vegas Setlist:



Burn It Down

Giving Up

It’s Over


American Dream

The Ides of March



Bad Habits


Poison Pill

One Step Closer

My Heroine

The Afterglow

Live Like This



Smile In Your Sleep

The Altar/Mary

SIlverstein photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

Dayseeker photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

See You Space Cowboy photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

photos: Jo Anna Jackson /

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Jul 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Seeyouspacecowboy was so gooooood 🔥🖤

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