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Story of the Year ‘Page Avenue’ 20th Anniversary Tour with Youth Fountain and Four Year Strong

Story Of The Year made a stop in Las Vegas at Brooklyn Bowl on the Page Avenue 20th Anniversary Tour, playing their definitive million selling album in its entirety. They brought along Youth Fountain and Four Year Strong for a rowdy fun night of nostalgic emo pop punk, along with showing off new tacks and music from all three bands.

The show got a late start, traffic in Vegas is a nightmare in prep for the upcoming F1, and getting to Brooklyn Bowl is a helluva challenge. It took me over an hour an I live 4 miles away, but the show was well worth it. The start of the show got pushed back a bit to get the room to fill up, but the fans were resilient and the room was packed before the opening set finished.

Youth Fountain eventually kicked off the show, a new-ish emo band with a new album, Together in Lonesome, on Pure Noise. The group hits a poppy fun chord, and got the room moving and really had a good time up there. Their new single “Identical Days” surprisingly did not make the set, but check it out HERE. 

Four Years Strong belted out with the tongue in cheek “It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now”, and were full of energy, jumping and running across the stage and stirring up the crowd surfing. The punkcore sounds kicked the show into a harder groove, and the fans really joined in, and screamed along as the band threw in Green Day’s “Brain Stew” and also a new song “Dead End Friend”, before their finale with “Wasting Time”.

Story Of The Year got Page Avenue started with “And the Hero Will Drown”, and then mixed it up a bit, jumping around the albums tracks, and throwing in “War” and “Afterglow from their new sixth studio album Tear Me To Pieces. The musicians move so fast, running back and forth and really keeping a frantic pace, and it was infectious, the surfing and

jumping was in full force out on the venue floor, and the crowd screamed along to the songs. Vocalist Dan Marsala cut  up with the fans, even signing an autograph while on stage, he made a real connection with his fans. SOTY played the entire Page Album, threw in a medley of covers including Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue”, Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without the E”, My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not Okay”, and The Used’s “The Taste of Ink”, and then wrapped up with Page’s big hit ““Until the Day I Die.” 

Listen to Tear Me To Pieces, and more tour dates and info on Story Of The Year HERE. 

Story Of The Year Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson

Four Year Strong Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson

Youth Fountain Photos: / Jo Anna Jackson


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