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When I think of TESLA, I think of staying power, and a band that has not deviated from what made them so successful in their long and storied career. Tesla is like comfort food. You know what you're getting and it makes you feel good, and that is exactly what Tesla does.

Their Las Vegas House of Blues residencies have been very successful, with big crowds for each show. Their crowd, like the band, is a little older, but passionate, and reacts to each and every song, and Tesla gives the crowd what they want.

Tesla’s songs take you back to a time when most in the crowd were young and went to shows on a regular basis, before life got in the way of those times. They have been around since the early 80’s, and hit the road running with the release of two hit singles, "Modern Day Cowboy" and "Little Suzie", that sound as fresh in 2024 as they did when they were released.

Tesla came right out of the gate with “Cumin Atcha Ya” followed by “Modern Day Cowboy” for the new residency, and continued with another classic, “The Way It Is”, that is such an amazing song live, especially with the combination of Frank Hannon’s guitar and Jeff Keith’s vocals. There is no other singer who sounds like Jeff, and even after over 40 years he sounds as good as ever. Tesla did a cover of the James Gang classic “Walk Away” that was a big hit with the audience, and a few songs

later the band played one of my favorite Tesla songs, “Heaven's Trail”. Guitarists Dave Rude and Frank Hannon’s sound on this song is just plain down and dirty, along with the booming drums from Steve Brown, and mean bass playing of Brian Wheat made this a highlight for me.

The last half of the show was nothing but hits, and everyone around me was on their feet for more more Tesla classics “What You GIve”, “Love Song”, and Little Suzi”, before closing out their show with their hit cover from the Five Man Electrical Band, “Signs”. Another show in the books, and as always we are so fortunate to live in a city that brings us such great residencies. This was my third time seeing Tesla during one of their residency runs here in Vegas, and I could go every night, they always give 200%. A timeless American band who even with all the changes in music and the industry has stayed relevant, and continues to draw big crowds in to 2024.


Tesla Photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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