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The Banishment Feat. George Lynch Release 'Bone and Machine' - Check out the first Official Video!

Frontiers Music Srl released the first album from The Banishment in March of this year, titled Bone And Machine. The band is a collaboration between guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, The End Machine, ex-Dokken) and programmer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze, started in 2011, and since 2020 it has also included L.A. based artist/vocalist Devix Szell. The result is a brooding, heavy industrial album with explosions of Lynch's bluesy and psychotic guitar licks, featuring guest vocal appearances from Richard Patrick (Filter) and Tommy Victor (Prong).

01. Reaction

02. Max Pain (featuring Richard Patrick)

03. Right (featuring Tommy Victor)

04. Lost Horizon

05. The Dread (featuring Jason Charles Miller)

06. Reunion

07. Terra Nullius

08. Got What You Wanted

09. Terror (featuring Tommy Victor)

10. Machine And Bone

Buy or Stream The Banishment: Bone and Machine at

Check out the official music video for the track "Got What You Wanted"

from Bone and Machine below.

Devix Szell (Vocals), George Lynch (Guitars), Joe Haze (Programming, Synth, Engineer, Mixer), and the official video also features DieTrich Thrall (Bass) and on Drums Jon Siren.

Check out The Banishment Video for single "Right" featuring Tommy Victor of Prong

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