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Where did this band come from? I am talking about the COMANCHEROS, who totally blew me away with a hell of a fiery energetic set at the Brooklyn. Bowl

opening for The Darkness. This talented three piece band self describes as "channeling Merle Haggard, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Johnny Cash", and decked out in wild red and white western wear with long hair flying, this band roared in like a monster truck.

They instantly won over the big crowd at the Bowl, and had them cheering and screaming from the start. Lead singer Tanner Jones, drummer Michael “Bobcat” Cook, and bassist/vocalist Jon “Deere” Green make a mean team, and the Comancheros really put on a show. Drummer Cook took his shirt off, played with one stick in his mouth while wearing a hat with a raccoon tail off to the side, and written on the drums were two words that sum up this band perfectly: Heavy Country. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED The Comancheros.

Permission to Land is the debut CD from British glam rock band THE DARKNESS ,and the band is touring celebrating its 20th-anniversary and a reissue Permission To Land…Again, an ode to their beginnings. The Darkness came in hot to the stage with the first song off the cd, “Black Shuck” as Justin Hawkins strutted out in a skin tight white bodysuit and hit the high

notes, while brother Dan Hawkins really turned on the chops. Rock royalty Rufus “Tiger” Taylor (son of Roger Taylor and the godson of the late Taylor Hawkins) pounded the drums, and bass player Frankie Poullain, dressed in a purple sequins and a pair of cowboy boots rounded out the fashion

statement - the band was off to a rockin start. Justin Hawkins is a rockstar, and an excellent frontman who knows how to control an audience and keep them pumped up and happy.

The Darkness played the entire Permission album, starting off in order but throwing in a few other songs midway and mixing it up. The main set ended with the massive "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", where Justin had the crowd jumping up and down with him, after telling the crowd "this shits gotta stop" ... "put the mother fucking cell phones away" and jump!

After the main set they exited the stage, and shortly emerged wearing silk robes and boxers. Wild. The first song of the encore "I Love You 5 Times", band members changed places, with Frankie going to the drums, Rufus taking over bass duties. It was a comical sight, but then again this band's stage antics are their mainstay, and they give the fans a show. Darkness classic "Love on the Rocks With No Ice" would up the show for a fantastic ending to a fun night.

The new reissued Permission to Land.. Again has a whopping 66 songs, with demos and live tracks, and has a new digital single for the set starter "Black Shuck". It’s surprising how well this cd has really held up over the years, and the songs still sound fresh live. Check out the added tracks on the new CD, with Info, tour dates and more HERE.


Black Shuck

Get Your Hands Off My Woman

Growing on Me

The Best of Me

Makin' Out

Givin' Up

Love Is Only a Feeling

Curse of the Tollund Man

Stuck in a Rut

How Dare You Call This Love?

Street Spirit (Radiohead cover

Holding My Own

Friday Night

I Believe in a Thing Called Love


I Love You 5 Times

Love on the Rocks With No Ice

The Darkness Photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

The Comancheros Photos : Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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