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The Gaslight Anthem is Back! Back on Tour and a New Record for release Oct 27!

Jersey boys The Gaslight Anthem made a stop at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, kicking off their set with big hit “45”, with fans singing and cheering them on. Gaslight is out on their

first major tour in years, after being reformed by vocalist Brian Fallon in 2022. Fallon had

previously seemed a hard sell on reuniting, but in a post Covid interview said “All of this is temporary, and you've got to enjoy it while you can.”

Friend and mentor Bruce Springsteen encouraged the GL reunion after Fallon teased reviving the band - Springsteen has been associated with the band through their career, with both touring together and joining each other on stage performances, and a collaboration with Fallon on new single, “History Books” is the result, with a guest appearance by Springsteen on the track.

The band made sure two include the single early in the Vegas set, that ran a mix of hits as well as new, while Fallon joked and cut up with the crowd in between songs, telling stories and really connecting with everyone. Brooklyn Bowl was a perfect venue for them,

the club can be large but still have that intimate feel, and the crowd and the band seemed to really gel as one during the set, it was definitely a 'reunion'. The touring band included Fallon, Alex Rosamilia, Alex Levine, Benny Horowitz, as well as Ian Perkins and Bryan Haring, and will be out on the road extensively through the end of October in the US, and them has a EU leg set in early 2024.

A new album, History Books, the band’s sixth, is set for an October 27 release, and the band’s set in Vegas also showcased their newest single “Little Fires”. It’s Gaslight's first full length album in nine years, and was well worth the wait. More on The Gaslight Anthem HERE.

The Gaslight Anthem Photos : / Jo Anna Jackson


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