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The SUMMER GODS TOUR made an impact at the BleauLive Theater inside the Fontainebleau Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and this would be my first time in this fantastic venue. The Theater can hold 3800 and it was nearly full for this show, and has a huge stage, excellent sound and lighting, and from what I could see not a bad seat. There is a GA floor section, and comfortable seating sections off the main floor, and two balconies, and what looked like a box seat section way up at the top, and I mean WAY up. Such a great addition to Vegas entertainment, and looking forward to coming back for more concerts there.

For some reason I have never seen Yellowcard, so I was excited to see what this band had to offer. The band not too long ago took a hiatus, and recently decided to get back on the road, and from the reaction of the fans it was a good decision. The band kicked off the show with the 2006 song “Lights and Sound”, and followed with their punk pop ballad “Only One”. Around this point lead singer Ryan Key put the venue on blast, he was having

issues hearing himself, and you could tell he was getting visibly frustrated. After getting word to try it again, he said it was worse than ever and “fuck It” he was continuing without it, and asked the crowd to pretend they sound amazing even if they are off a bit. Even with the technical difficulties, Yellowcard played a solid show with great songs and won me over. They closed out their set with “ Be the Young, The Hurt is Gone" and "Ocean Avenue”, after thanking Third Eye Blind for having them on the bill.

Pop punk icons THIRD EYE BLIND started off spectacularly, with the band up on a riser playing the acoustic "Motorcycle Drive By”, and you realize that TEB doesn’t just sing songs, but actually sings to YOU, the fans - there is something very personal about the way Stephan Jenkins sings from the heart that really touches you inside. They played the song “Dust Storm” which I LOVED, and they blended The Cure’s "Just Like Heaven" into the song and it was

an amazing mash. “Never Let You Go” had the crowd singing along, and when Jenkins came down off the riser and sang “The Kids Are Coming(To Take You Down)” the crowd really went crazy. It was hard not to notice guitarist Kryz Reid and how amazing he sounded in this venue, the space and sound was just fire.

Just past the halfway point of the show we were treated to the monster hit (and my personal face) “Losing A Whole Year”, that had the crowd screaming and cheering. Jenkins told the crowd he could hear and see everything going on (out there), even way up in the balconies, and asked everyone to turn to someone and give them a big hug, 'we are all family here'.

Standing solo onstage with an acoustic guitar, Jenkins played the first part of “Shipboard Cook” before the rest of the band joined him - the stage crew brought out some chairs, benches and pillows and the whole band did a real laid back acoustic session that he said was his favorite part of the show. The set gave a nod to their 2022 acoustic release, Unplugged , and included several scaled back songs including "The Background" and "Mine".

TEB got back to business and closed out their set in classic style, playing hits “Jumper” and “Semi-Charmed Life”, thanked the crowd and exited the stage, but after a few moments they came back out for a single blasting encore of “How’s It Going Be”.

Third Eye Blind is currently selling more tickets to their shows than any other tour they have done. Jenkins is a singer/ songwriter that creates deeply personal songs that their fans can connect to, and the band is tight and sounds better than ever. This present tour leg runs through August, more on dates, merch and more HERE.

Third Eye Blind "Again" off their most recent 2022 release Our Bande Apart ...

Third Eye Blind photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Yellowcard photos Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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Jul 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That was a great show

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