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Trivium/Beartooth at Brooklyn Bowl LV with Archetypes Collide and Malevolence

On June 10, 2023 Trivium and Beartooth co-headlined at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. Matt Healy dubbed this tour the “TRIVTOOTH” tour! Along with them they brought Archetypes Collide and Malevolence for a truly diverse and enjoyable evening of metal.

I had never heard of Archetypes Collide before but their set left me pleasantly surprised! A special fusion of post hardcore, metallica hardcore, and metalcore hyped up the crowd right off the bat. These guys have been active since 2013, and are still relatively small, but a tour like this is exactly what a band like this needs to gain some new fans and really help push them out into the world. I’m looking forward to seeing this band again in the future for sure!

This year Archetypes Collide released their debut self titled record, check it out over on their website and/or your preferred streaming platform!

Malevolence was another relatively new name to me that I’ve seen floating around lately, and was left in awe of their energy. I might have misheard where they said they were from, but all of their information states they’re from the U.K. Another band that has over a decade of activity, and the crowd definitely showed up for them. There were crowd surfers all evening, but they really picked up the pace during Malevolence’s set.

These guys have a sound that can easily fit on just about any kind of metal bill and really please a number of different types of metal and hardcore fans. They’ve got a groove/hardcore blend of sounds and stage energy that really should not be slept on!

Malevolence is under their own label, MLVLTD Music, which, let's be honest... that’s probably the best way to do it these days.

Dialing back the heavy just a bit, Beartooth was absolutely a crowd pleaser this evening. I have always considered Beartooth to be more of the rock/post hardcore realm, but Caleb Shomo is just one of those frontmen that commands the energy of the crowd andwins everyone over, every time. They put on an incredibly diverse set, mixed with old favorites and new hits. There was something for everyone and even I got a little emotional during their set when they played “Hated”, which is my favorite song by them. During the final song, Caleb split the crowd and engaged with everyone he could on the floor with his guitar in hand. A truly special moment for those die hard fans in the crowd! The last time I saw Beartooth was in 2017 and while they were great then, but they’re better now. They’ve had tremendous growth through the years and I am here for it! More info at

Beartooth Las Vegas Setlist:



Body Bag


The Lines

Beaten in Lips

Bad Listener

In Between

You Never Know



The Past Is Dead

The Last Riff

And our final performance for the evening - Trivium! I have seen these guys a number of times through the years and I can’t recall a time where I wasn’t absolutely blown away. I often speak about a time in 2008 or 2009 where I saw them play with Atreyu and I was slammed up against the guardrail, which left a bruise bigger than my fist on my inner arm. While my days of fighting crowds and other fans for front row spots are long behind me, I always appreciate these sets from these bands that I grew up listening to and having those experiences with.

Notable highlights from this set include the crowd participation jump up during In Waves, along with off and on banter from frontman Matt Heafy about beating out the “best night” of the tour, which up until this point had been Austin, Texas. (The crowd booed for that, but they also used it as motivation to keep the energy high!)

There was also a point in the set where a couple of people in the crowd began to fight. It grabbed Matt’s attention and he stopped the show and in true “Metal Dad” fashion, he broke it up. (Security ended up escorting someone out of the venue.) And the guys had a little banter on stage about where in thesong they were and picked it right back up where they left off. Things like that always amaze me. It truly shows just how tight nit those guys are. And after two plus decades and a consistent lineup, would you expect anything less?

Trivium closed out their set with “Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr”, which is a song I haven’t heard live in a very, very long time! More on Trivium

Overall another packed and incredible night of metal down at the Brooklyn Bowl. Definitely one for the books and if you missed it, well... you definitely missed

Trivium Las Vegas Setlist:

(Intro) The End of Everything


Like Light to the Flies


Feast of Fire

Amongst the Shadows & the Stones

Down Fromthe Sky

The Sin and the Sentence

Until the World Goes Cold

(Matt stops the song halfway... more )

No Way Back Just Through

The Heart From Your Hate

Capsizing the Sea

In Waves

Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Beartooth photos by Courtney Ware Photography

Archetypes Collide photos by Courtney Ware Photography

Malevolence photos by Courtney Ware Photography