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I was so excited when this tour was announced at Vamp’d Vegas, not only was WEDNESDAY 13 on the bill performing Murderdolls but support was Gemini Syndrome and Infected Rain, talk about a stacked lineup! But just days before the show, Infected Rain posted they would not be performing due to visa issues, hope we can see them at a later date back here in Vegas. But on to the show!!

Alternative / nu metal GEMINI SYNDROME opened up the show, a band we have covered many times in the past throughout venues in Vegas, and they always deliver! Lead singer Aaron Nordstrom came out on stage looking dapper wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie, and on guitar was former Coal Chamber member Miguel Rascon, drums Brian Steele Medina and bass we saw Alessandro Paveri. It was great ton see them at Vamp'd, and one of the highlights of their set was hearing the song "Primordial" live. I Love this band and try to see anything Aaron is involved in, he is really a staple on the Vegas scene .

Now it was time for WEDNESDAY 13!! Wednesday is out on tour celebrating the Murderdolls years, heavy on tunes from the defunct band's two albums Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls and Women And Children Last. Former Murderdolls members Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley also round out the front line (also in Wed 13), with Troy Doebbler on bass, and the show celebrates not only the Murderdolls music but the legacy of former guitarist Joey Jordinson, and drummer Ben Graves, who performed with the band during their Vally reign. The drum set for (former W.A.S.P. drummer) Mike Dupke featured both the former members on the kicks, a solemn tribute.

The lights went out and the curtain pulled open to the intro of the Murderdoll's “The World According to Revenge” from and 'Mr. Motherfucker' jumped straight into "Chapel of Blood" - the night was on. Wednesday was back in his classic makeup and dress, and really set the stage for a reunion type show. Back were the horror punk props, the black and red set, and the fans for the packed club knew each and every word to he songs.

Wednesday told the crowd “You don’t need luck when you don’t give a fuck” and played "Death Valley Superstars", continued non-stop with original Frankenstein Drag Queens' "197666". The set was all Murderdolls, (with Frankenstein numbers that made up the bulk of the Murderdolls first record) but absent was classic Wednesday 13 hits. The show was strictly a monster and murder affair, no songs from the most recent album "Horrifier".

Wednesday joked and spoke about the past reign, telling the crowd they were celebrating 21 years of the Murderdolls - he was 26 back then, and now he was not - but still looks 26 haha. Makeup can do that lol. The band then played "Slit My Wrist", before launching into "Blood Stained Valentine". The song was off the 2nd Murderdolls album Women and Children Last , which was a play

on Van Halen's Women and Children First which , and reminisced David Lee Roth approved. "Drug me to Hell" sounded so good live, and was followed up by a drum solo from Dupke, before winding down their incredible show with Billy Idol's "White Wedding" (Murderdolls single release). "I Love to Say Fuck" of course made the finale, with Wednesday swinging the middle finger umbrella, and he had the crowd chanting "Fuck, Fuck Fuck" while he sang about... everything Fuck.

The final number was Murderdolls "Dead in Hollywood", and ended a night that was one of the best performance I have seen by any band this year. Wednesday 13 crushed it, and Murderdolls songs sounded as good today as they did over 20 years ago.

Wednesday 13 and cast will be touring this show through December - find out when they are coming near you, merch and more HERE.


Mike Dupke Drum Solo

White Wedding (recorded by Murderdolls as a single)

Wednesday 13 photos :Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Gemini Syndrome photos :Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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Oct 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Woohoo! Can’t wait to see this show!

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