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Bret Michaels Gives Vegas 'Nothing But A Good Time' at the Joint

Bret Michaels and his talented band returned to Las Vegas at the Joint in the Hard Rock for a special night of his fall solo tour, as Bret honored the men and women who helped those in need during the Las Vegas shooting in October, and free tix were given out to the military and first responders. Bret Michaels leads the band on vocals and guitar, with Pete Evik on guitar, Eric Brittingham (Cinderella) on bass, Rob Jozwiak on keys and Mike Bailey on drums, and they came ready to rock Vegas fa show them a good time for the second to last show of the tour.

The band stormed the stage and ripped into "Talk Dirty to Me" as Bret came running back and forth across the Joint’s massive stage, getting the crowd on their feet. and not slowing down for a second. The band went straight into "Look What the Cat Dragged" In from Bret’s days in Poison, and then Bret and the band launched into a crowd favorite "Sweet Home Alabama", which prompted a crowd sing along with arms swaying back and forth throughout the entire venue, and "Your Momma Don’t Dance and Your Daddy Don’t Rock n Roll" kept the crowd singing and dancing.

Then it was heart-wrenching moment as Bret spoke about the recent tragic Las Vegas shooting, and dedicated the song "Something To Believe In" to the city of Vegas. Cell phones and lighters were everywhere, held high into the air ,giving the venue a warm glow. It was truly a special moment in the show.

After a roaring applause, Bret turned to an upbeat "Unskinny Bop" followed by a lively drum solo before slowing things down once again for "Every Rose Has It’s Thorn". Bringing this concert home the band kicked into rock n roll anthem "Nothin But A Good Time" before the band left the stage, but returned quickly for a rousing encore of Kiss' "Rock n Roll All Nite" that had everyone on their feet, as Michaels was joined by Warrant singer Robert Mason for the rock anthem to close out the night.

Bret is one of those rare performers who is all about America and really cares about his fans, tours endlessly while dealing with type 1 diabetes, and is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association. We are truly lucky to have such an amazing performer to watch year after year, a true Rock n Roll Hero on the stage and off.

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